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GacoSil S-20 Provides a Solvent-Free,

Eco-Friendly Solution for Commercial


UL-rated and Miami-Dade County approved, GacoSil S-20 is the complete waterproofing system


SEATTLE – Gaco Western, manufacturer of the most technologically advanced elastomeric coatings and polyurethane spray foam for the construction and waterproofing industries, will be showcasing its GacoSil S-20 – a solvent-free, eco-friendly silicone coating for commercial roofs –

at the IRE show. To learn more about GacoSil S-20, visit the Gaco Western booth, #2252, at the International Roofing Expo, February 22 to 24 in New Orleans.

“Gaco Western is continuously working to improve the lifecycle of its products as well as implementing ways to reduce its environmental footprint,” said Chuck Skalski, vice president of Gaco’s Commercial Sales Division. “GacoSil S-20 is a great example of that. Not only is it an extremely high-performing commercial coating, it’s solvent-free and petroleum-free – S-20 offers an ecological advantage and meets the most stringent fire rating and building codes.”

GacoSil S-20 is a single-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coating designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam, metal, concrete, wood, built-up roofing and most single-ply roofs.

“The solvent-free silicone technology offers a new application option,” said Skalski. “With solvent-free silicone the product fully adheres to the existing substrate eliminating the need for tear-offs and lessening the impact on the environment and landfills. The use of GacoSil’s highly reflective coatings also provides increased UV resistance and energy-savings.”

GacoSil S-20 has passed the ASTM E108 flame spread test and obtained the Underwriters Laboratories Class A fire rating – the highest level of fire protection available. Other ASTM testing provided ratings for tensile strength, tear resistance, hardness, water immersion, permeability, reflectance, emittance and flash point.

Additional product benefits:

  • Solvent and petroleum free
  • Can contribute up to 7 LEED points; rated by Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)
  • No ponding water issues
  • Less dirt pickup than conventional silicones
  • Durable, color stable, chalk and chemical resistant
  • Offers 1.5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. coverage rate to achieve a 10-year warranty; conventional silicone requires 2.5 gallons or more.
  • Up to 20-year product warranty


A uniquely versatile product, GacoSil S-20 can be applied to a variety of roof types:


Sprayed polyurethane foam                    Cap Sheet

Metal                                                       Torchdown

Concrete                                                 Modified bitumen

Aged asphalt                                           Built-up

Composite                                               Aged EPDM



Recent GacoSil S-20 projects include applications on commercial buildings including Sears, Target and JCPenney stores.

Gaco Western recently opened a new, state-of-the-art, 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The new facility replaces the 18,000 square foot location built in 1985. In addition to regional offices and manufacturing, the new building includes a high-tech research facility and comprehensive technical training program for Gaco customers. Products manufactured in Waukesha include polyurethane spray foam insulation and Gaco's complete line of silicone, acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings.


About Gaco Western

Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Gaco Western manufactures the most technologically advanced, proprietary elastomeric coatings and polyurethane spray foam for the construction and waterproofing industries. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers, the Gaco family of brands offers best-of-class solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications including: specialty coatings for roof, pedestrian and traffic decking; and spray polyurethane insulation for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Core products include: GacoWallFoam insulation, GacoDeck, GacoShield and GacoRoof coatings for residential applications; Gaco RoofFoam, GacoFlex LM-60, GacoPedestrianDeck and GacoAutoDeck for commercial applications. Products are available nationwide. For more information: or 800.331.0196.


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