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Architectural Details, PDF Format

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This document compiles seventeen (17) architectural details depicting the proper installation and application of Gaco Western products in a variety of situations including:

  • GW-5-D1, Terminations and Changes of Plane Detail
  • GW-5-D2, Sealing Cracks and Joints Details
  • GW-5-D3, Expansion Joint Covers Detail
  • GW-5-D4, Flashing at Pipe Penetrations Detail
  • GW-5-D5, Flashing Detail with Water Vapor Venting
  • GW-5-D6, HVAC Details and Equipment Support
  • GW-5-D7, Parapet Wall Details
  • GW-5-D8, Fascia and Wall Details
  • GW-5-D9, Flat, Sloped and Roof Tie-In Details
  • GW-5-D10, Roof Penetrations Details for Pipes, Drains and Skylights
  • GW-5-D11, Expansion Joint Details for Roofing
  • GW-5-D12, Metal Roofing and BUR Details
  • GW-5-D13, Below Grade Application Details
  • GW-5-D14, Parapet Flashing Details
  • GW-5-D15, Inverted Roofing Details
  • GW-5-D16, Drain and Gutter Details using LM-60
  • GW-5-D17, Expansion Joint Detail for Below Grade

NOTE: Individual details available in other formats upon request. Contact your local sales representative for assistance.

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