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Gaco Western manufactures the finest roofing, decking, waterproofing products available. They include solvent-free urethane, acrylic, silicone, Hypalon, and neoprene coatings, as well as polyurethane foam insulation.
  • Accessories
    GacoShell texture granule, thinners, and tape to complete your coating or foam installation.
  • Acrylic Coatings
    Easy to apply and clean, acrylic elastomers provide superior physical properties, UV protection, cold weather elasticity and VOC-compliant solutions for roofs, decks and walls.
  • Epoxy Primers
    Epoxy primers offer superior adhesion to almost any substrate.
  • Spray Foam
    Spray polyurethane foam is used in roofing applications, as well as CA rooms and tanks. Gaco spray foam provides a self-flashing, monolithic membrane, perfect for new construction or retrofit projects.
  • Hypalon Coatings
    Hypalon coatings are used to recoat Hypalon single-ply roofing. Also available in a variety of bright colors, Hypalon can be used on inflatable rafts, skin kayaks, and for field striping on artificial turf.
  • Neoprene Coatings
    Neoprene provides abrasion-resistant waterproofing protection. Neoprene is often used to protect the bottom of inflatable boats and rafts, and to waterproof cables, wires and antennas.
  • Thinners
    Gaco thinners are fast evaporating with good solvency.
  • Silicone Coatings
    Flexible and fire resistant, Silicone coatings form a weather-tight seal to protect polyurethane foam installations from water and UV-light.
  • Urethane Coatings
    Urethane coatings provide tough waterproofing for roofs, decks, below-grade and between slab applications. Urethanes are both durable and color-stable, featuring extremely high physical properties for base and top coats.
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