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GacoFlex Silicone Coatings

Flexible and fire-resistant, GacoFlex coatings form a weather-tight seal to protect polyurethane foam installations from water and UV-light.

GacoFlex S-20 Conquers Ponding Water

Applying S-20 in Cold Weather



Below is video footage of a GacoFlex S-20 recoat project on a 535,000 sq. ft. commercial roof. The existing roof material is PVC single-ply mechanically fastened on 1-inch ISO; beneath that is BUR and steel deck. Consultants recommended recoating the roof before the insulation became saturated with moisture and the roof membrane could no longer be saved – and a total tear-off could be avoided. The customer verified a 68% cost-savings compared to that of a total tear-off.

GacoFlex S-20 Recoat Project_Before

GacoFlex S-20 Recoat Project_Insulation Repair


GacoFlex S-20 Recoat Project_Completed Roof Sections

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