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What’s the Gaco Experience? Our Top Sales Person Explains

April 21, 2021 8:02 pm

Gaco isn’t your typical roofing manufacturer. We’ve engineered waterproofing and insulation solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential applications since 1955. We also inspect and warrant our products while working side-by-side with the most important people — building owners, contractors, and architects of all types. We’re a single-source, top to bottom partner. 

People like Stephanie Orlando, our Southeast Florida Area Manager, bring the Gaco spirit to life. We asked her to share more about her experience over the last few years to explain the Gaco difference. You can contact your local Area Manager for more information, too!

Education Focused

Education for building owners, contractors, architects, and everyone in between — it’s a top business priority. We do on-site consultations and walk roofs, talking with building owners about their options. Then we get on the roof again with contractors to train and share our best installation tips or educate them on a helpful product they might not know. 

For example, GacoFlashFoam is one of the most underrated but most useful Gaco products from Stephanie’s experience. You can use it to create pitch, enhance flashing details, and even temporary tie-ins during a re-roofing project.

We asked Stephanie what the favorite part of her job is, and she spoke to the education component, saying, “I love having the opportunity to educate dealers and contractors on how Gaco can help grow their business while expanding their target market. Whether it’s in a classroom setting or walking alongside them on a roof, if I can help them sell a system that allows the building owner to extend the life of their existing roof, everyone wins.”

A Resource from Start to Close

Education doesn’t stop once a sale is made, or a roof has been restored.

“I like to be a resource from start to close,” says Stephanie. That’s the Gaco way. Whether it’s simply answering the phone, performing an on-the-roof training, doing a joint sales call with a property manager, or speaking at a condo association meeting, Gaco is there! As Stephanie says, “I’m not just a sales rep. I’m a partner. A tech rep. The one that walks the roof.” Every roof is a different story and requires a different solution. We work alongside the contractor to uncover a solution that saves building owners from headaches and hassle. 

Backed by a Great Product and Reputable Company

Gaco is part of the Firestone Building Products family, which means we can access every potential solution for roof repair, restoration, or replacement. We can patch now, repair later. Repair now, replace later. Circumstances dictate the solution as much as the roof condition. 

“Gaco is backed by the marketing, R&D, logistics, and resources of Firestone, but it doesn’t feel like a large company. I love that,” shares Stephanie. “If I can be a resource who’s backed up by a very good, good product and a reputable company, that’s huge.”

“I want to make sure the building owner and the contractor have a good experience, and I make their jobs easier. That’s a win for everybody,” shares Stephanie.

Ready with the Right Solution, Not Any Solution

For contractors, every inch of a roof is an opportunity. For building owners, every inch is a potential liability. We understand both sides of the equation and work with each party to present the right solution. 

Are you dealing with a leak? Let’s talk about patches, sealants, or repair. Replacement isn’t the only option. Roof nearing the end of its life cycle? Maybe restoration is best for your budget and building plans. Or, perhaps you’re looking to sell the building. We can help you get ahead of the inspection process to avoid surprises and speed up the property’s sale.

Every roof has a different story to tell. Same with every building owner and contractor. Gaco is there with easy, hands-off solutions for all.

“Everyone has a different reason for choosing coatings, and because of that, I get to work with everyone from architects to contractors and building owners. I work with everybody, and I love that,” adds Stephanie. 

Contact Gaco today, and experience the Gaco difference.