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GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over Mod-Bit Residential Roof Restoration Following Super Storm (NY)

Case History GacoFlex S20 Acrylic Coated Residential Roof Restoration FireIsland NY Photo 1


Fire Island is the large center island of the outer barrier islands parallel to the south shore of Long Island, New York. Super Storm Sandy, the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 season, pummeled this summer home on Fire Island, accelerating deterioration of the exterior facade and roof. The top section of the roof was a 25 year old SBS system and the bottom section had two layers of hot tar. The home owner began to notice minor leaks in the lower area when the home was opened in the Spring of 2015.


Above It All recommended GacoFlex S20 Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating to rejuvenate the roof – saving the homeowner on the high cost of total replacement and still providing long-lasting protection from coastal elements.

Unique Characteristics:

Fire Island is not an easy location for construction trades. There are no vehicles or vehicular roads in many areas. Pedestrian walkways are built of wooden boardwalks, and pedestrians and supplies are transported to the island on a ferry or water taxi. Building supplies are loaded from the ferry onto hand trucks and rolled over the boardwalk to the project location. In addition to the logistical challenges of Fire Island, the project itself posed a few obstacles. The roof had to be accessed from the interior of the home by climbing a spiral staircase, and the roof itself was designed and constructed with many different levels and unusual shapes.


The Above It All team began the restoration project by removing a rotted wood deck, cutting it down into small pieces and bagging it for the homeowner. After removing the deck, the team power washed the roof utilizing GacoWash Concentrated Cleaner. The roof was dry and ready for the GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler after two hours in the hot summer sun.

The following day the team repaired all seams and penetrations using GacoFlex SF2000 SeamSeal Solvent-Free Silicone Sealant. SeamSeal was installed over the coping and around skylights, and additional material was used to shore up the area where the parapet wall and the roof deck met. The Above It All team allowed the Seamseal to cure for four hours. Since GacoFlex silicone restoration systems are moisture cure systems, the high humidity helped to accelerate the cure schedule of the material. Late in the afternoon, the contractor installed the GacoFlex S20 Silicone Coating at 22 mils (DFT) to create a waterproof membrane over the existing roof.

The following day the Gaco Area Manager conducted an inspection of the roof restoration system. The project passed inspection and qualified for a 10-year no-leak system warranty.


Location: Fire Island, NY
Specification: RC-MB, SBUR-22-GF20
Product Type: Residential Roof Restoration
Contractor: Above It All
Problem Solved: Super storm Sandy accelerated deterioration of summer home’s built-up roof and exterior façade.
Customer: Private Resident