These webinars are intended for experienced contractors. Content is designed to provide the knowledge and basic skills required to be able to properly apply ccSPF and ocSPF.

To achieve SPFA certification additional steps are required, learn more by reading our GacoWallFoam Qualified Applicator Program Brochure.


Assistant Program

  • Section A  – Introduction to SPF
  • Section B – Health and Safety Chemicals – Legal – (Covered under CPI program)
  • Section C – Health and Safety – General – (Covered under OSHA 10 hour program) 
  • Section D – Jobsite Safety (Covered under OSHA 10 hour program) 

Note: You shoul take the following before taking the review sessions for this certification.


Installer Program


Master Installer Program

  • Section K – Troubleshooting and Repair 
  • Section L – Inspection of SPF BE Systems 
  • Section M – Ignition and Thermal Barriers for SPF
  • Section N – Sealant Foams – One and Two Components 
  • Section O – Hybrid Insulation Systems 
  • Section P – SPF Equipment/Compnets, Functions and Operations 
  • Section Q – Coatings Equipment (Components, Operations, Troubleshooting)