GacoFlex A46

White Acrylic Roof Coating

Introducing GacoFlex A4600 White Acrylic Roof Coating. This acrylic coating is an efficient solution to help extend the life of a roof when used in maintenance applications and is intended for surfaces where ponding water is not an issue. It is suitable for maintenance applications over polyurethane foam roofs, aged asphaltic roof, metal roofs and aged single ply membranes.



STRONG ADHESION-to polyurethane foam roofing, such as GacoFlexF2733 GacoRoofFoam and aged asphaltic roofs, metal roofs and aged single ply membranes.

EXTENDS THE LIFE OF EXISTING ROOF- while improving solar reflectivity.

EASY CLEAN UP- water based for clean up with soap and water and highly cleanable once installed.

LOW ODOR VOC- content less than 50g/l and non flammable.


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