GacoFlex E5990

100% Solids Two Component Epoxy Primer/Sealer

GacoFlex E5990 is a 100% solids two-component penetrating epoxy sealer that offers excellent penetration into concrete and masonry surfaces to form a tight bond to the substrate. It is designed specifically for use in conjunction with concrete and masonry decking applications, and contains very low VOCs.


MITIGATES VAPOR DRIVE. Seals concrete and masonry to mitigate vapor drive resulting from high ground water table or capillary action, and also helps reduce any gas transmission that may occur during rising temperatures. Helps prevent pin-holes, blistering and delamination of the top coat caused by vapor drive and out-gassing.

APPLIES QUICKLY AND EASILY. Simply combine the two components, mix thoroughly and pour the primer onto the specified coverage area, use a squeegee to spread the product, and then back roll to help ensure uniform coverage.



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