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GacoFlex F3000

Spray Applied Foam for Use as an Adhesive

GacoRoofFoam Adhesive 3000 is a two-part spray applied polyurethane foam developed to adhere insulation board and felt-backed single-ply roofing to a variety of substrates. The cure time has been adjusted to allow re-positioning of the adhered materials for up to ten minutes after application.

COMPATIBLE WITH MANY SURFACES. Bonds to plywood, wafer board, wood fiber recovery board, tar and gravel built-up, concrete, urethane foam, isocyanurate board, polystyrene bead board, extruded polystyrene board, SPS asphalt sheet and primer coated corrugated metal roof sheet.

MAY BE RE-POSITIONED. Cure time allows for re-positioning for up to ten minutes after application.

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