Tech Tip 068: Transfer Pump Questions and Suggestions

Our technicians have compiled some of the most common questions they receive regarding transfer pumps. We hope these suggestions are helpful.

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Tech Tip 067: Reactivity Time

When spraying foam, it is important to consider reactivity time. With closed cell foam, ideal reactivity time is one second. This means that from the time the foam comes out of the gun and hits the substrate as darker colored liquid to when it starts to rise, one second should have passed.

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Tech Tip 066: Spray Routes

Before beginning a spray foam insulation job, it is a good idea to take some time to plan your work to create the most efficient route to save you time and money. Here are some suggestions to consider:

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Tech Tip 065: Spray Technique – Counting Passes

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personalized formula to help you spray the correct foam thickness every time? Just think about the time and money you’d save by doing things right the first time! Spaying foam to the right thickness on a consistent basis is easier than one would think. All you need to do […]

Tech Tip 064: Spray GacoOnePass at 5½”

GacoOnePass is now better than ever. Further testing has shown it has the ability to be sprayed up to 5 ½” in a single pass. This is great news in terms of a possible reduction in project completion time and cost! However, care must be taken when spraying 5 ½” passes to get a good result. We would like […]

Tech Tip 063: Factors to Consider When Consolidating Drums

Wasting product is not an option when you’re trying to run a profitable spray foam business and be conscientious of the environment. Consolidating drums is the smart thing to do, and it can be a smooth process as long as you take the following precautions to be sure it’s done right.

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Tech Tip 062: Sheetrock Bulging as a Result of Installing Too Much Foam in a Single Lift

When applying 2 lb. spray foam insulation to sheetrock on a wall, ceiling or any other project, it is important not to apply too much foam at one time in order to avoid sheetrock bulging.

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Tech Tip 061: Correct Temperature for GacoProFill in New Construction

Temperature is a key factor in optimal spray foam installation and long-term performance. Knowing whether temperatures are too hot or too cold is crucial to having the best results.

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Tech Tip 060: More Cold Weather Tips

Spray foam professionals can never do too much planning and preparation for fall and winter weather. After understanding drum storage, preparation of materials, and the Delta T of the equipment you are using, there are still further steps which can be taken during cold spray months. Below is a list of tips that can help […]

Tech Tip 059: Mix it Up!

When using open cell foam, it is necessary to use a mixer. The Spray Guide and/or Product Data Sheet for the foam will contain information regarding the proper mixer to use as well as specifications for product application and machine temperature settings. This will give you guidelines for how long and how often the product should be mixed.

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