Tech Tip 061: Correct Temperature for GacoProFill in New Construction

Temperature is a key factor in optimal spray foam installation and long-term performance. Knowing whether temperatures are too hot or too cold is crucial to having the best results.

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Tech Tip 060: More Cold Weather Tips

Spray foam professionals can never do too much planning and preparation for fall and winter weather. After understanding drum storage, preparation of materials, and the Delta T of the equipment you are using, there are still further steps which can be taken during cold spray months. Below is a list of tips that can help […]

Tech Tip 059: Mix it Up!

When using open cell foam, it is necessary to use a mixer. The Spray Guide and/or Product Data Sheet for the foam will contain information regarding the proper mixer to use as well as specifications for product application and machine temperature settings. This will give you guidelines for how long and how often the product should be mixed.

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Tech Tip 058: 3 Thoughts for Cooler Weather Preparation

It’s that time of year again when we need to start preparing for cooler weather. Spraying cold foam is not only hard on equipment but can greatly affect the yield of the products you are spraying. Taking these three simple thoughts into consideration as it gets colder can save you time and money.

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Tech Tip 057: Keeping Up with Safety

As the number of contractors joining the spray foam industry grows, so does the need for a continued focus on education in safety. There are a variety of different spray foams for different applications, but the chemicals being handled each day are similar and the risks involved are shared by us all.

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Tech Tip 056: Prevent Your Reactors from Overheating & Shutting Down

Summer is officially here! Now that it’s starting to really heat up out there you may begin to see more error codes on your reactor machines. This Tech Tip discusses the reasons for these error codes and how to avoid them.

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Tech Tip 055: Keep It Cool

It’s getting hot out there, so keeping yourself, your team and your spray chemicals cool is imperative. Although there are steps to take that allow for spraying foam through the heat of the day without worrying about dehydration or your spray chemicals getting too hot, this is the time of year where it can make sense to get up […]

Tech Tip 054: 20 Flush Pot Procedures

Spray guns are an important tool in the life of the spray foam contractor, and keeping them clean can save time and money. The flush pot is the answer for keeping your spray gun in its best operating condition. The flush pot removes the internal chemicals (poly and iso) by way of spraying pressurized liquid cleaner through your gun. […]

Tech Tip: Ventilating the Job Site

Ventilating the job site during and after spraying is very important for the health and safety of applicators. Proper ventilation can reduce airborne levels of aerosols, mists and vapors generated during spray application and can help protect SPF applicators, helpers and others who may be working in adjacent areas. Thoroughly ventilating a spray area is […]

Tech Tip 053: Spraying Around Recessed Can Lights

Spraying around recessed can lights can be a bit of a problem for spray foam applicators. Planning ahead and making sure your team is aware of the details of the job will help you complete the project right.

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