Tech Tip 052: Pressure Transducer Analog Gauge Check

This Tech Tip addresses 8 helpful steps for checking the analog gauge on your pressure transducer.

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Tech Tip 051: Heated Hose and Whip

During the winter months the heated hose and whip play a significant role in the production of foam. The heated hose and whip are designed to maintain the temperature of the materials from the reactor to the gun. It takes longer to preheat these components, so they are generally turned on as soon as the reactor is turned on.

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Tech Tip 050: GacoOnePass F1850 Cold Temperature Spray Tips

In order to get the most efficient and satisfactory results in winter conditions it may be necessary to take certain steps to ensure proper adhesion and integrity of the foam.

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Tech Tip 049: GacoOnePass (F1850) Winter Formula Spray Tips

Fall is here and winter is rapidly approaching. This is the time of year when spraying closed cell is the most difficult. Of highest concern are drum storage/prep, substrate temps, adhesion and keeping yields up. Here are the best possible tips to have success spraying the GacoOnePass Winter Formula.

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Tech Tip 048: Drum Prep for the Cooler Seasons

Colder temperatures are coming, so being prepared and keeping drums properly stored overnight will win the battle before it begins.

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Tech Tip 047: Important Factors When Using Air Mixers in Drums

Resin  is very thick and needs to be mixed thoroughly. This Tech Tip covers the key elements to successfully mixing your resin.

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Tech Tip 046: 22 Frequently Asked Questions on Ambient Air Pumps

Gaco Western supports fresh air on job sites. We have purchased Allegro fresh air systems from Spray Foam Systems for our Sales and Tech Team to use in the field. Below are the best practice and most common use questions about the systems we will be using (courtesy of

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Tech Tip 035: Protecting Hoses & Troubleshooting an E04 Error Code

Protecting the hose is one of our most tedious jobs. We drag it across gravel and dirt and through mazes of stud walls throughout the jobsite. Below are steps that you should use on the job-site for hose protection and troubleshooting.

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Tech Tip 045: 12 Proper Flushing Techniques – Save Valuable Product & Prevent Cross Contamination

Switching over from one spray foam product to another can be challenging at times. If you are not careful with your steps, cross contamination can become a problem, resulting in wasted product. Wasted product equates to wasted money and no one likes throwing away money. Below are 12 simple step-by-step flushing instructions that will help you save time and money.

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Tech Tip 044: GacoProFill SYSTEM Summer Temperatures with New Construction

Over the last few months we have been sharing tips for our innovative and timesaving GacoProFill SYSTEM. Contractors who have worked with this system have seen some amazing results—no waste, reduced labor and increased yields. This month we are exploring how warmer summer months may affect substrate temperatures and foam performance.

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