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Open Cell Foam

GacoFireStop2 is the first single-application open cell spray foam insulation of its kind that requires no additional ignition barrier to meet the requirements of Appendix X for use in attic and crawl spaces. Say goodbye to lengthy, expensive, hard-to-inspect two-step installation processes. With GacoFireStop2, just one application is all it takes – and because it’s easy for code officials to inspect and pass, contractors will be on and off the job fast, with reduced legal liability.

This true half-pound foam provides higher yields for lower installed costs and improved sprayability and rise which saves time on the job. It also offers excellent adhesion and is easy to trim. Because the fire retardant is built into the product itself, GacoFireStop2 uses standard ISO, which greatly reduces your material handling costs. Plus, GacoFireStop2 is sustainable – it contains high bio-renewable content. GacoFireStop2 is Class A (Class 1) fire rated and safe for the environment.

Homeowner Federal Tax Credits: Learn more here.

BUILT IN IGNITION BARRIER. Faster installation and inspection.

SINGLE STEP APPLICATION. Saves time and money.

HIGHER YIELDS. Lower installed costs.

QUICK, EASY CODE APPROVAL. Exceeds new building codes for reduced legal liability.

SUSTAINABLE. High bio-renewable content.


Specification-7 21 19 / GacoFireStop2 Open Cell Foam Insulation

PDS-GacoFireStop2 Open Cell Foam

Intertek CCRR-1009 – GacoFireStop2 F5001 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Spray Guide-GacoFireStop2 Open Cell Foam

Spray Guide-GacoFireStop2 Open Cell Foam (Español)

LEED-GacoFireStop2 (F5001) LEED

Installed Insulation Certificate

Manufacturer’s Certification Statement

GacoWallFoam Limited Warranty

Safety Data Sheet

Ignition Barriers and Thermal Barrier in Attics

Brochure-DC315 Over Gaco SPF

Guidance on Best Practices for the Installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam

Case Histories

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