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Rooftop with GACOFLEX S42

Cost-Effective Solutions to Protect Your Biggest Investment

Water leaks. Higher energy costs. Poor visual appeal. An old or damaged roof spells trouble. But with Gaco coating and protective solutions, you can better safeguard your property investment, increase energy efficiency, and enhance your building’s aesthetics.

Builder/Owner Resources

Use our updated document repository to find all Gaco specifications, SDS, PDS and evaluations.

Signs It's Time to Call Gaco

As a building owner, you’re not up on the roof every day. You’ve got your boots on the ground, running daily operations and keeping your business moving. We get it. We’re boots on the ground people, too. So, here’s a quick list of situations and signs it’s time to call Gaco for a free roof consultation

  • You’re considering a roof replacement. Maybe tenants complain about roof leaks, or you just survived a heavy storm that damaged the roof. Know that a complete roof replacement isn’t always necessary, and it isn’t the only solution available to you. We may be able to patch or seal your leaking roof quickly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of a re-roof. A quick consultation will determine if your roof can be repaired. 
  • You’ve already repaired your roof once… or twice. An ongoing need for repairs is a sure sign your roof needs restoration, at a minimum. Let a Gaco technical expert and Licensed Applicator offer solutions to restore your roof. 
  • You want to sell your building. It’s common for the roof condition to be factored into the sales negotiation. Roofs are evaluated by transferrable Manufacturer warranty availability, if the roof assembly meets building code requirements, the level of energy efficiency, and estimated longevity of the system. Get ahead of the process and avoid any surprises. Request a free consultation with a Licensed Applicator as you look toward selling your commercial property.
  • Your current roof warranty is expiring. An expired warranty opens up your business and overall property investment to financial risk if the roof is severely damaged and needs repair or replacement. Thankfully, you don’t have to let it lapse. Instead, call Gaco and we’ll explain how you can get the warranty renewed. 

Report a Leak

Learn About Coatings

All too often, building owners think their only option for a damaged or old roof is a complete replacement. Think again. Gaco products offer more affordable and less disruptive solutions. Watch the videos below to learn about the widespread use and benefits of roof coatings, and to get an idea of how a roof coating could quickly transform your building.


Free Roof Consultation

Our technical experts and Gaco Licensed Applicators are here to offer you solutions to extend the life of your roof and protect your bottom line. Schedule your free roof consultation with Gaco today!

Learn About Roof Maintenance

Managing a commercial building is tough! There are the day-to-day business operations to keep up with and ongoing maintenance and repairs to manage. A quality roof is essential for the overall structural integrity. One leak could jeopardize your business and those of your tenants. These simple tips will help you stay on top of roof system maintenance and ahead of potential issues. 


  1. Start with a twice-yearly roof inspection. What is your roof’s current condition, and what work might need to be done in the near future? Contact Gaco and request a roof consultation. We’ll walk the roof with you and help you plan out any critical repairs or hand your roof a clean bill of health. 
  2. Keep maintenance records. Hold onto your roof consultation reports and log any maintenance that is performed. These records can prove valuable when it comes to insurance claims or selling your property.
  3. Examine the interior and exterior walls. Are there dark spots? Is the paint peeling in damp areas? These might indicate a moisture or mold problem, potentially stemming from a roof leak. Take pictures and record what you see. Then call Gaco for a roof consultation. 
  4. Look around chimneys and vents. Look and feel for dampness in these two areas, as it could indicate flashing is failing and your roof needs repair. 
  5. Check the ceiling! How often do you look up? Walk your building and examine the ceiling for discoloration, cracks, water stains, or any other visible damage. Again, these signs could point to a roof leak which can damage other structural elements if left unattended.
  6. Maintain the area around your building. Prune tree limbs, so they don’t hang above or brush against your roof. A bit of landscaping work can help prevent damage from broken limbs and algae growth, as more sun will shine on the rooftop. 
  7. Unclog gutters and drains. Trimmed trees can also prevent leaves and acorns from clogging drainage systems. Clear out gutters and drains to help avoid ponding water, mold growth, and water leaks. 
  8. Partner with the roofing pros at Gaco. We can help with everything from simple leak repairs to total roof replacement. Our quality products and people have the power to add years to a roof’s lifetime.

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