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Case Studies

WaterCrest Condominium Complex Roof Restoration Project (FL)

Location: Lakewood Ranch, FL
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / ASP-S2000-38-20 / GacoFlex S2000 over Asphalt
Contractor: Manson Roofing
Customer: WaterCrest Restoration of Condominium Complex

Why replace your roof when you can restore it with a silicone roofing solution instead? Read about how a 19-building Florida condominium complex restored their roof with GacoFlex, helping cut down on costs and disturbances to residents. 


What solutions were used to restore the WaterCrest roof?

To start this project, the existing Modified Roof (Granulated SBS Cap Sheet) needed to be cleaned and prepared. GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrapTM was applied first. This acrylic base coat is made for asphalt roofs and helps prevent the bleed-through of oil. Then, GacoFlex E5320 primer was used to prepare the roof for a silicone coating. GacoFlex SF2000 SeamSeal was applied for detail work and to create a seamless foundation for the coating. With the roof prepped, a top coat of GacoFlex S20, a solvent-free silicone coating, was applied. Total project square feet was around 117,000 over a modified roof system. 


What made Gaco silicone coating especially suitable for Florida?

Our silicone has a highly reflective finish and is a definite energy saver in places like Florida. The silicone coating also protects against ponding water, UV lights, and extreme weather conditions, all of which are beneficial for buildings in Florida.


What makes this solution especially suitable for a condo complex?

When working with buildings where people live, it’s important to disturb residents as little as possible. The Gaco silicone roofing system was applied with a roller that reduced any possible noise and inconvenience to the penthouse (and other) occupants. Also, materials were craned to each rooftop to save time and prevent traffic issues.


How did Gaco help WaterCrest drive out costs and reduce risk? 

WaterCrest is extending the life of their existing roof with Gaco’s warranted system at a fraction of the cost that it would be to replace the roof. They installed a white coating to capitalize on reflectivity to save on energy costs (AC). The contractor applied Gaco S2000 using squeegees and rollers to reduce any possible noise disturbances to the occupants/residents.


What are the key points about the WaterCrest project that will help Gaco and our Customers win more business? 

With this project, the contractor and Gaco were able to show many different benefits of a silicone roofing system. Not only does Gaco silicone coating cost far less than a full roof replacement, but it also helps increase energy savings and reduces noise and disturbances during application.

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Can Gaco silicone roofing solutions help your business?

When it comes to roof restoration projects, you can’t go wrong with a silicone coating system. With GacoFlex, you can reduce costs, disturbances, and time. To learn more about the different roofing systems Gaco has to offer and to find the right fit for your project, please contact your local Area Manager.