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GacoFlex A4271 application shot

GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap™ Base Coat

For Asphalt Roofing

Developed to maintain the fresh color of a newly coated roof, GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap Acrylic Base Coat for asphalt roofing helps inhibit bleed-through of oil commonly found in substrates containing bitumen. This single component, easy to apply water-based sealer helps preserve the aesthetic and reflectivity of coatings on asphaltic roofing systems. This includes built up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen (ModBit), and smooth or granulated asphaltic roofing membranes.

9/24/2021 | TECHNICAL BULLETIN | Temporary Acceptable Substitutes for GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap™

Due to ongoing global raw material shortages facing our industry, Gaco will now offer two (2) temporary acceptable substitutes for GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap™ – as required per specification. Please see the full technical bulletin for complete information regarding application rates, number of coats, etc. required to qualify as a warrantable application.

1. GacoFlex A47 Series Acrylic Coating
2. GacoFlex U91 Series Polyurethane Coating

We are encouraged to see this opportunity to continue to meet the needs of our customers and appreciate your hard work towards achieving this on a daily basis – here is to finishing out the year strong and full steam into 2022!

Please contact your GacoFlex Regional Technical Coordinator at 800-813-1346 for any further questions or if additional information is required.



HELPS INHIBIT BLEED-THROUGH. BleedTrap Base Coat encapsulates the oil that commonly exudes from substrates containing bitumen and effectively traps it within the sealer to help inhibit bleed-through.

FAST DRYING. Tinted red to help ensure consistent coverage, A4271 BleedTrap Base Coat is fast drying, contributing to quicker turn-around for your coating installation.

CLEANS UP WITH WATER. A4271 BleedTrap Base Coat is a single-component, water-based sealer that cleans up easily with soap and water.

WORKABILITY. A4271 BleedTrap Base Coat is part of a full system of integrated Gaco products and should be used with a GacoFlex acrylic or silicone coating, such as the S42 series, for optimum performance of a newly re-covered roof.

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