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GacoFlex S42 System

Solvent-Free Silicone Roof Coating System

Don’t re-roof. Re-cover and renew with a silicone roof coating. The GacoFlex Solvent-Free Silicone Roofing System is a complete solution for restoring weathered flat or low sloped roofs of all sizes.

Why Gaco Silicone Roof Coating System

A complete tear-off and re-roof isn’t the right solution for every building or building owner. Silicone roof coatings are a high-performance alternative to re-roofing and also a serious time and money saver. They’re easy to apply and offer improved coverage and performance. Silicone can be applied to almost any existing roof surface to create a seamless membrane that shields the roof from severe weather, damaging ultraviolet light, and permanent ponding water.


For new construction applications, or where a complete tear off is required, Gaco can offer a full roofing system. Starting from the deck with our polyisocyanurate spray foam insulation and capped with our S42 coating providing a monolithic insulation and waterproofing system.

GacoFlex S42 Benefits

As a business or building owner, you can expect:

  • Fast Installation: Due to Gaco silicone roof coating systems’ nature, your full installation can move quickly.
  • Permanence: Silicone is a permanent roofing solution. It does not degrade, chalk, or crack under harsh UV rays. It can withstand constant ponding water without softening, bubbling, or degrading. When properly applied, the GacoFlex S42 Series System provides a seamless, weather-tight seal.
  • Resistance to Mold & Mildew: Silicone forms a seamless membrane (so there’s nowhere for moisture to hide) and creates a smooth surface that offers superior resistance to mold, mildew, and staining.
  • Ongoing Energy Savings: Over time, it’s natural for silicone coatings to darken and accumulate dirt that can lower the roof’s solar reflectance and visible whiteness. GacoFlex S42, however, resists dirt pick-up even after years of exposure, thereby maintaining its whiteness and overall solar reflectivity for potential energy savings.
  • Excellent Warranty: Gaco offers Qualified Applicators a full-system labor and material warranty on GacoFlex S42 Series Silicone Roof Coating Systems when applied according to Gaco specifications.
  • Top-to-Bottom Partner: Gaco is a single-source, top to bottom partner. We make the product, inspect it, install it, and warranty it. Controlling the entire process saves you from wasting time and money trying to coordinate contractors and suppliers, payments, warranty details, and so on.

As a contractor, you can expect:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: You get all of the compatible products you need to complete the job fast, from a concentrated cleaner to prepare the surface to a conveniently self-contained spray foam flashing kit that’s light and portable. Carry the kit with one hand and spray with the other—no need for labor-intensive seam tapes.
  • Solutions for Tough Situations: Working on an uneven surface? Trying to solve for blisters or cracks in polyurethane foam? The GacoFlex S42 System can be applied to help solve many challenging situations.
  • A Business Partner: We help you drive down your costs with best-in-class sales and technical support. We’re local to you and can help you identify solutions that exceed customer expectations.



S42 Silicone System