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GacoFlashFoam Kit

Portable 3 lb. Spray Polyurethane Foam Flashing

GacoFlashFoam is a portable, high-density (3 lb. per CuFt) closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation designed for use alongside Gaco Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems. A companion product to our GacoRoofFoam Series F2733 and F2780 (Low GWP), GacoFlashFoam is great for flashing curbs, parapets, walls, and penetrations, in addition to repair applications before the application of a GacoFlex coating. GacoFlashFoam bonds to any shape and substrate, eliminating common sources of leaks experienced with other flashings.

GacoFlashFoam is sold as a convenient self-contained kit that eliminates the need for additional equipment. 

The GacoFlashFoam kit consists of: 

  • Two chemical components shipped in pre-pressurized canisters (A: isocyanate and B: polyol blend)
  • A dispensing gun and 10′ hose
  • Ten multi-purpose mixing nozzles
  • Nitrile gloves
  • A packet of petroleum jelly 
  • Instructions for proper setup, operation, storage, and reuse of the kit

This portable system yields 120 BF per set and is available in both HFC and HFO versions for restricted states.  


This spray polyurethane foam insulation is made to help your crew capitalize on every opportunity. It’s easy to transport and use and versatile in application. 

PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT. The convenient 41 lb. self-contained kit does not need power and is light and portable. Carry it in one hand and spray with the other.

EASY TO INSTALL. GacoFlashFoam provides an economical, efficient, and superior alternative to full-size SPF rigs. 

ADHERES TO A VARIETY OF SUBSTRATES. GacoFlashFoam bonds to any shape or substrate to eliminate common sources of leaks often experienced with other flashings. It may also be used to repair existing spray foam roofing systems.

INCREASED COVERAGE. GacoFlashFoam covers 120 board feet at 1ʺ and has an R-Value of 6.5 at 1ʺ.

WORKABILITY. GacoFlashFoam was designed to be part of a complete system of integrated GacoFlex products, making it the first spray foam ideal for use with all GacoFlex coatings.

HFO vs. HFC Blowing Agents

GacoFlashFoam is available in both HFC and HFO versions for restricted states. Why? 

Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, are not allowed in some states. In these states, HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) blowing agents are allowed instead. HFO blowing agents are not flammable, have zero ODP, and are low GWP. A low GWP product doesn’t trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere to contribute to global warming. 

HFO blowing agents are being required more and more. Blowing agent restrictions for low-pressure foam adhesives are not in place everywhere but likely will be in the coming years.

GacoFlashFoam Near You

Gaco representatives can help you meet your state’s climate regulations with quality roofing products like GacoFlashFoam. Find GacoFlashFoam locally or contact a local representative to learn more about your spray polyurethane foam insulation options.

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