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Case Studies

Silicone Roof Coating Installed to Protect Cape Canaveral Joint Venture Building (FL)

Location: Cape Canaveral, FL
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / ASP-S4200-26-15 / GacoFlex S4200 over Asphalt
Contractor: All Florida Urethane
Customer: Cape Canaveral Joint Venture Building

What do you do with a leaky roof in a climate that experiences high levels of rainfall? You could completely replace the roof, or you could re-cover it with a Gaco silicone roofing solution. Learn how Gaco helped a Central Florida building that houses high-profile businesses fix its leaky, blistering asphalt roof.

What Problem Did Gaco Silicone Roof Coating Help Solve?

Leaks had been detected in the Cape Canaveral Joint Venture Building, and there was blistering in the top layer of the cap sheet. Also, multiple HVAC units had been replaced, and heavy equipment had been removed, leading to more wear and tear. 


Which Gaco Products Were Used for This Project?

During the repair process, the contractor, All Florida Urethane, identified moisture in the substrate for the removal and replacement of like material. The blisters were investigated and repaired as needed, and the contractor added additional plates and screws to help secure more prominent blisters. 

GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap™ Base Coat was used on the entire roof surface to help reduce asphaltic oil bleed through. Then, GacoFlex SF4200 SeamSeal was used to seal the details, seams, and penetrations. Finally, the contractor applied GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating to meet the 15-year warranty specification. 


What Makes GacoFlex Especially Suitable for Central Florida?

Central Florida receives a substantial amount of UV and rainfall on an annual basis. GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating was chosen to be installed based on the merit of UV stability, high reflectivity, and a monolithic watertight membrane that withstands permanent ponding water. 


What Makes GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Especially Suitable for the Cape Canaveral Joint Venture Building?

The building contains three large local businesses who cannot operate properly with water intrusion. The installation of the GacoFlex system did not create disruption to current business operations, which would have happened with a complete re-roofing. Plus, the reflectivity of S4200 will help the HVAC system be more efficient, causing less wear and tear on the units. 


How Did Gaco Help the Building Owner Drive Out Costs and Reduce Risks?

The main benefit of the GacoFlex silicone coating system for this project was the elimination of leaks. With leaks come damages and repairs. This, in turn, can create expenses for the building owners and potential insurance claims along with downtime for production.


What Was Interesting About the Cape Canaveral Joint Venture Building Project?

This structure houses three of the highest-profile businesses in the Cape Canaveral area. We were able to provide a solution for the building owner that kept everyone dry, eliminated the need for business downtime during repairs, and protected the investments of the tenants.


What About This Project Will Help Gaco and Our Contractors Win More Business?

Due to the fact Cape Canaveral is a well-known location throughout the country and the commercial building hosts highly recognizable Florida businesses, this was an important project for both Gaco and the contractor. All Florida Urethane, a valued contractor and applicator, was able to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of GacoFlex S4200 — one of the latest flagship products Gaco has to offer.


How Does This Roofing Project Illustrate the True Hands-On Approach of Gaco’s Team of Experts? 

This project showcased the trust and relationships we have built with our Gaco Licensed Applicators. In this situation, the building owner requested three Gaco bids. The local Gaco Area Manager provided the three contractors with a pre-job consultation and helped navigate them to a three-way comparable bid offering. All three contractors provided a high level of professionalism and maintained the integrity of the situation at hand. The professional courtesy displayed by all parties is what makes them such a valued asset to Gaco and the industry.

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How Can Gaco Help Your Business?

Whether you’re a contractor hoping to land more jobs or a building owner looking to repair a leaky roof, Gaco can help. Our silicone roofing projects have been used across the nation for a wide range of roofing projects. Contact your local Gaco Area Manager today to learn more about silicone roofing options and discover the right fit for your business.