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Case Studies

Vermillion Flooring Metal Roof Restoration with Silicone Roof Coating (MO)

Location: Springfield, MO
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / MR-S42-18-10 / GacoFlex S42 Series over Metal Roof
Contractor: Alliance Roof Solutions & Coatings
Customer: Vermillion Flooring

Metal roofs can be extremely durable, but they are also susceptible to rust and leaking as time passes. A leaking metal roof doesn’t have to mean a costly, time-consuming re-roofing project, though. Learn how Gaco helped one of our Gaco Licensed Applicators fix an aging metal panel roof for a new client, all thanks to a successful lead generation campaign. 


What Problem Did Gaco Help Solve?

Vermillion Flooring had an aging metal panel roof that was leaking in over 50+ locations throughout the manufacturing facility. 


What About the Vermillion Flooring Project Will Help Gaco and Our Contractors Win More Business?

Lead generation campaigns are just one of the many benefits Gaco Licensed Applicators like Alliance get to enjoy. This became an actual project because of one of the lead generation mail campaigns Gaco does throughout the year. A Gaco postcard was  sent by our Marketing department to Vermillion. Vermillion’s building owner, knowing he had a leaking roof, called Gaco to request a free roof consultation. Next the Area Manager was able to walk the roof with our licensed applicator, Alliance Roof Solutions, and meet with the building owner to discuss the roof problems and propose a solution. 

This project not only shows the importance of quality lead generation campaigns and partnering with our valued contractors for their business growth, , but it also highlights the ways silicone roof coatings can keep costs low for building owners and eliminate business interruption during installation. 


What Gaco Silicone Roofing Products Were Used?

The GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating System needs a clean surface for application, so the process was started by power washing and cleaning the roof. Then, a DTM rust-inhibiting primer was applied. The contractor applied another primer, ​​GacoFlex E5320, after that. GacoFlex E5320 is a two-part epoxy primer that can be used on metal roofs, and it helps prepare the roof for the silicone coating. GacoPatch, a silicone roof sealant, was applied to seams, fasteners, and flashing details. Finally, the contractor applied GacoFlex S4200, our high adhesion silicone coating. 


What Made GacoFlex Silicone Coating Especially Suitable for Vermillion Flooring?

Silicone roofing solutions are a fast, convenient alternative to re-roofing. With the GacoFlex system, we were able to help Vermillion Flooring avoid business interruptions and downtime to their manufacturing assembly line. 


How Did Gaco Help Vermillion Flooring Drive Out Costs and Reduce Risks?

Silicone roof coatings are a fraction of the cost of replacement. There was no disruptive tear-off process, and the business was able to operate as usual with no equipment downtime while the coating was being applied to the roof panels. Thanks to our silicone roofing solution, the roof is no longer leaking. Plus, the white reflective coating applied to the roof panels will help the building with energy consumption.


What Was Interesting or Unique About Working with Vermillion Flooring?

Vermillion manufactures and distributes a variety of hardwood flooring products. Roof leaks were leading to issues with the manufacturing line. Alliance Roof Solutions and Coatings was able to apply the coating system to the roof, which stopped the leaks and allowed Vermillion to continue with the manufacturing of their goods without any business interruption or equipment downtime.


How Can Gaco Help Your Business?

Whether you’re a business looking for silicone roofing solutions or a contractor hoping to land more clients, Gaco can help. Our roofing projects have covered everything from metal panel roofs to inflatable domes, so we’re sure to have the right solution for your restoration project. And if you join us as a Gaco Licensed Applicator, you get to take advantage of amazing business-growing benefits like lead gen support, co-branded marketing materials, and more.

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