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Bronx Condo Association Recognizes Lifecycle Benefits of Gaco S42 (NY)


The aging roof of a condominium complex in the Bronx, NY presented a challenge for its condo association board of directors. Remove and replace the weathered roof or restore it. With many older buildings, there are often competing capital improvement projects to consider within an annual budget.

There were also logistical issues top of mind. Parking and building access is limited in this area of the Bronx. Built in 1951, only one side of this six-story building was accessible for a boom to deliver materials to the roof. Materials would have to be walked to the boom, which made getting heavy rolls of membrane or equipment to the roof even more of a challenge.

Transporting larger materials via an elevator wasn’t an option. The contractor was limited to one access door and one passenger elevator to the roof due to COVID restrictions. There were no freight elevators available in the building.

With all that in mind, the Gaco Licensed Applicator worked with the condo association board to discuss options. Technical data was shared, warranty options communicated and costs over the life of the roof, not just the initial project, carefully taken into consideration. As a result, the association opted for a roof restoration.



GacoFlex S42 silicone roof restoration system with a 20-year system warranty proved to be a cost-effective solution.

For building owners, this GacoFlex product has a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) rating, which translates to improved energy efficiency. A roof designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat can help a building lessen its energy use. And by lowering energy use, a cool roof can decrease the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention saving money on associated cooling costs.

For contractors, S4200 covers more surface area with less material than many other competitive silicones and exhibits outstanding peak hide coverage on granulated surfaces.

A win-win for the building owner, Gaco Licensed Applicator and the environment.



The S42 silicone roof restoration system was installed to the Gaco specification for a 20-year system warranty over a smooth asphalt roof. As a first step, surface dirt and loose granules were removed using a power broom.  Because it was an asphalt roof, GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap™ Base Coat was applied to help inhibit bleed-through of oil commonly found in substrates containing bitumen.

GacoPatch silicone roof sealant was used over open seams and flashing details and the topcoat of S4200 white silicone was subsequently installed in one application.


The Result

Working together with the Gaco team and the Gaco Licensed Applicator helped the condo association board weigh the pros and cons of different options, taking into account budget, warranty requirements and building codes.

Roof restoration with GacoFlex S4200 silicone was a fraction of the cost compared to removing and replacing the entire roof assembly. As a result, the condo association avoided assigning a roof assessment fee against individual unit owners and were able to effectively manage the cost against their budget.


To learn more about other projects that used GacoFlex S4200, check out this case study.

Location: Bronx, NY
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / ASP-S4200-34-20 / GacoFlex S4200 over Asphalt
Contractor: NV Roman Roofing

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Can Gaco Help Your Business?

From condo complexes to churches, Gaco products have been used on a wide range of buildings. Restoring your roof with our silicone coating solutions can help you save on material and labor costs. To learn more about our products and find the right match for your roofing restoration project, please contact your local Area Manager.