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Case Studies

Silicone Roofing Solution for Natoma Condo Complex (IL)

Location: Chicago, IL
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / ASP-S4200-34-20 / GacoFlex S4200 over Asphalt
Contractor: Andres Roofing & Construction Inc
Customer: Natoma Condo Complex

A silicone roof coating system can help businesses save on time, money, labor, and disruptions, making it the perfect solution for residential buildings like condos. Learn how Gaco was able to help the Natoma Condo Complex restore their roof with the GacoFlex system.


What Gaco products were used?

The contractor first power washed the granulated surface with GacoWash, which should be used prior to GacoFlex silicone application. They then applied the A4271 BleedTrap base coat to help stop oil bleed-through. GacoPatch silicone roof sealant was used for flashing areas. Lastly, they applied the GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating solution at the appropriate application rate to meet the warranty needs for a 20-year specification.  


Why was GacoFlex especially suitable for the Chicago area?

Chicago experiences extreme weather in both the summer and winter, making project speed important. S4200 has a one-coat application and aided in reduced project timelines due to impending weather.


What made GacoFlex silicone roof coating especially suitable for a condo complex? 

This was a great solution for the building due to its 3 ft (0.9 m) parapet walls surrounding the roof. These walls will help a great deal with potential overspray. Plus, coating the roof instead of re-roofing meant there was little disruption to condo residents.


How did Gaco help the contractor and building owner drive out costs and reduce risk? 

The contractor purchased a new spray rig, which will help reduce future product and labor costs. These savings can then be passed on to the building owner. Using a silicone coating instead of installing a new roof also helped reduce the cost of labor, materials, and time. 


What was interesting about this silicone roof project?

This was the first time the contractor sprayed Gaco’s S4200 silicone with a Graco 933 pump. A fluid-applied system, instead of a traditional tear-off, alleviated most of the disruption that the building’s tenants would normally experience. A tear-off also requires large staging areas, cranes, and dumpsters. None of these were needed to apply the silicone coating.


What are the key points about this condo project that will help Gaco and our Customers win more business?

The Natoma project shows contractors with no spraying experience how silicone roofing projects can reduce costs on their end and how these savings can be passed onto clients. This is truly a win for all parties involved.

Also, this particular contractor has only used GacoPatch for repairs in the past. Since they love our quality products, they are now venturing into much larger, full-system projects with us. This includes the spray rig purchase! 


How does this project illustrate the true hands-on approach of Gaco’s awesome sales team?

In the beginning, the owner was interested in doing one building. However, due to the savings he would experience, he has committed to coating seven additional buildings in the condo complex. Gaco was also hands-on with the contractor. Because they purchased a new pump, Gaco had a Firestone technician show them how to operate, clean, and store the 933 pump.

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How can Gaco help your business?

From condo complexes to churches, Gaco products have been used on a wide range of buildings. Restoring your roof with our silicone coating solutions can help you save on material and labor costs. To learn more about our products and find the right match for your roofing restoration project, please contact your local Area Manager.