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Case Studies

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility Mechanic Shop and Kitchen Get a Roofing Facelift (OR)

Location: Woodburn, OR
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / SP-S42-18-10 / GacoFlex S42 for Single-Ply
Contractor: OpSec Systems and Coatings
Customer: MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility

Roof restoration projects can cause interruption to normal business operations, which isn’t an option when dealing with high-security facilities. A silicone roofing system lets an existing roof be recovered without the disruptions that come along with roof replacements. Learn how Gaco helped a high-security youth correctional facility in Oregon with their roof restoration.  


What roofing problems did the youth correctional facility face?

The high-security youth correctional facility had an EPDM roof that was over 25 years old. The roofing was highly oxidized but in decent condition. After years of neglect and minimal maintenance, the roofs required heavy debris removal as well as new metal flashing around vents and the perimeter. New base flashing was also installed, where needed.


What Gaco solutions were used on the facility?

This project required a heavy commitment to prep work and cleaning to get the roofs ready to coat. The roofs were pressure washed with GacoWash, a concentrated cleaner. SeamSeal and GacoPatch were applied to all seams, pipes, drains, curbs, and scuppers. The SeamSeal was pushed through a Graco 675 DI pump and rolled into the seams and details. Then, the silicone coating (GacoFlex S42) was applied. The final topcoat was sprayed using the 675 DI pump at 5000 PSI with a .629 tip. 


What made GacoFlex especially suitable for Woodburn, Oregon? 

Woodburn, and Oregon overall, experiences a lot of rain. The GacoFlex product used is a 100% silicone roof coating solution that creates a durable membrane to protect the roof from severe weather like heavy rains. 


What made Gaco products suitable for the correctional facility? 

Compared to conventional roofing methods, silicone coating allows for a quick completion time. During this project, there was low impact to the day-to-day activities of the correctional facility. 


How did Gaco help the correctional facility drive out costs and reduce risk?  

Risks and costs are both factors when dealing with a secure facility. All state projects use prevailing wage scales, and the quick application of Gaco’s silicone roof sealant and coating helped keep the labor hours much lower than conventional roofing methods. All the details and options were looked at to get the owner the desired outcome — from planning, material delivery, work performed, and ending with the warranty (10 years) process. 


What was interesting or unique about the project?

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility houses young people ages 12 to 24 who committed crimes before their 18th birthday and were committed to state custody by the courts. All services are handled internally — schooling, trade schools, kitchen, dorms, recreational facilities, etc. Because of the high-security nature of the facility, extra precautions were taken, including background checks and sign-ins.


What are the key points about the MacLaren project that will help Gaco and our Customers win more business? 

The contractor, architects, and clients were very pleased with the silicone coating process outlined by Gaco. The contractor has already committed several thousand square feet for Gaco roof coatings.

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Can Gaco help your business?

From churches to high-security facilities, Gaco has been able to help a wide variety of customers with their roof restoration projects. To learn more about our roof solutions and find the right fit for your needs, please contact your local Area Manager.