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Closed Cell Foam

GacoOnePass 2 lb. Closed Cell Foam installs quickly in up to 4+” passes which reduces labor costs by 50% or more and offers 20-30% higher yields than standard 2 lb. foams when sprayed in one pass at 3 to 4” thickness.

As an ABAA Evaluated Material as part of an ABAA Evaluated Assembly, GacoOnePass is approved for use in air barrier systems. It is Appendix X approved for use without an additional ignition barrier and meets the requirement for a Class II vapor retarder at just 0.44”.

GacoOnePass is ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications and it can be used in deep fill applications with up to 18” in depth per pass for applications like trench fill, pipe erosion control, container filling, etc.

GacoOnePass is UL GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Homeowner Federal Tax Credits: Learn more here.

1 HOUR REENTRY. With only 10 ACH.

4+” PASSES. Installs quickly; saves time and reduces labor costs.

EXCEPTIONAL SPRAYABILITY. Superior formulation provides consistent, forgiving, user friendly foam with predictable yields and less gun clogging.

LESS VISCOUS. Reduces wear and tear on equipment.

LOW ODOR. Improves work environment.

LOWER ENERGY COSTS. Higher R-values than conventional insulation and a seamless air barrier reduce uncontrolled air leakage, resulting in lower energy costs.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. Adheres to the substrate, allowing for easy monolithic installation for greater structural strength and stability, and enhances resistance to water damage; expands to fill even irregularly shaped and hard to reach areas.

LOWER CONSTRUCTION COSTS/VALUE ENGINEERING. Achieve insulation, air barrier, vapor retarder and thermal break all in one for reduced material costs; energy efficiency results in smaller HVAC system requirements.

LONG TERM VALUE. Customers today are concerned about their building’s integrity; spray foam helps a building withstand the tests of the elements and time.


Specification-07 21 19 / GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam Insulation 

ABAA_Application Specification F1850

PDS-F1850-GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam

Evaluation Report-GacoOnePass F1850R Closed Cell Foam (CCRR-1043)

GacoOnePass F1850 Closed Cell Foam (ABAA Evaluated Air Barrier Material)

GREENGUARD Certification 78078-410 – GacoOnePass F1850

GREENGUARD Gold Certification 78078-420 – GacoOnePass F1850

Intertek CCRR-1002 – GWLFI3001-NFPA285 Design-Cavity Wall

Intertek CCRR-1002 – GWLFI3002-NFPA285 Design-Exterior Wall

Intertek CCRR-1043 – GWLFI3001-NFPA285 Design-Exterior Wall

Intertek CCRR-1043 – GWLFI3001-NFPA285 Design-Cavity Wall

Intertek CCRR-1043 – Gaco F1850 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation

Spray Guide-GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam

LEED-GacoOnePass (F1850)

Manufacturer’s Certification Statement

GacoWallFoam Limited Warranty

Safety Data Sheet

Ignition Barriers and Thermal Barrier in Attics

Brochure-DC315 Over Gaco SPF

Guidance on Best Practices for the Installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam

Case Histories

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