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GacoProFill® Achieves 1-Hour Re-Entry for Trades

September 22, 2016 2:47 pm

September 22, 2016 – Gaco Western has developed an ultra-low emitting system for our GREENGUARD Gold certified GacoProFill open cell polyurethane foam insulation. GacoProFill is injected behind GacoProFilm or GacoProWeb membranes, as well as injected in existing building cavities and behind drywall.

Due to dramatic reduction of emissions and occupational exposure, we can reduce the re-entry time for other trades to 1 Hour, helping to speed up the construction cycle.

Three phases of aggressive testing, overseen by an industrial hygienist and toxicologist at independent laboratories, were used to verify the superior safety of the GacoProFill System:

Phase 1 – Field trials in three houses showed reduced exposure to applicators and helpers (reduction of 100% for amines and 37% to 99% for MDI). The field trials were conducted with minimal passive ventilation. Details of this trial can be read on

Phase 2 – Controlled laboratory testing. Samples were sprayed and monitored in a large scale test chamber for 48 hours. This testing was reviewed by a toxicologist and 1-Hour re-entry time was determined to be appropriate.

Phase 3 – Field trials were repeated to verify the findings in retrofit applications. Results showed no emissions into the structure during application and 24 hours after the installation was completed. The testing was conducted with minimal ventilation with the goal of keeping the building under positive pressure.

“All of this testing was intentionally conducted with marginal ventilation. While Gaco Western recommends ventilation rates of 10 ACH during application and for one hour post application, if a contractor is off for a particular job we have built in a factor of safety,” says Mark Fortney, Gaco’s Director of Building Science.

For more information on the benefits of GacoProFill, please visit or call 877-699-4226 to speak with a GacoWallFoam Area Manager near you.

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