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Gaco reveals revised 1 hour re-entry time for trade workers with industry leading 10 ACH

June 6, 2019 12:48 pm

Nashville, TN. New third party testing recently revealed that GacoOnePass and GacoOnePass Low GWP spray foam insulation, is approved for revised shortened re-entry time for trades resulting in industry leading ACH level for 1 hour re-entry for trade workers. Recommended re-entry time of one hour with 10 Air Changes per Hour (ACH), confirms our industry leading status and our commitment to performance designed around our contractors.

In an effort to determine appropriate trade worker re-entry times for unprotected workers entering  sprayed work areas, Wood Industrial Health Associates, LLC, was the third-party used to evaluate Gaco 1850 and 1880. “We are proud to continue to develop industry leading products that allow construction crews easier preparation setting up ventilation, and allowing for more trades to get more work done in a day, keeping projects on time,” Director of Residential Sales and Strategy, Dusty McNab.

GacoOnePass and GacoOnePass Low GWP spray foam insulation leads the industry with a 10 ACH, simplifying set up and time spent on the job. “Gaco requires uniform ventilation of the immediate and adjacent work areas at a minimum of 10 air exchanges per hour. Once spraying
is completed and for 1 hr following, ventilation should continue at this minimum (10ach) rate. We then recommend ensuring passive ventilation (overnight) by opening a window on each level of the structure in the vicinity of the spray installations,” said Dan Nelson, VP of Research and