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GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over Hail-Damaged Mod-Bit Roof Restoration – Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School (OK)

Case History GacoFlex S20 Hail Damaged Mod Bit High School OKC OK Photo1


Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is a college-prep secondary school in the Oklahoma City metro area. With an enrollment of 720 co-ed students in grades 9-12, the school complex consists of multiple buildings and athletic fields that run along a major freeway. This area has experienced multiple severe hail storms in recent years and the repeated hail damage has resulted in roofs being removed and replaced at a high cost to the school and their insurance carrier. Ultimately, these repeated costs will result in higher insurance premiums for the school.


Coontz Roofing, Inc., an Oklahoma roofing contractor since 1978, suggested using GacoFlex S20 over the entire 142,700 square foot roof areas on all of the buildings. There was no need to tear off the existing modified bitumen roof which significantly reduced the school’s expenses as well as the environmental impact of landfill disposal. Due to the excellent waterproofing capabilities of GacoFlex S20, Scott Coontz was confident the life of the roof would be extended and its performance would meet the needs of the school.

Unique Characteristics: 

Applying the GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System during the school year presented several challenges. Teacher and student cars were parked daily in and around buildings in multiple parking lots, so application had to be done during extended Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks as well as on weekends. Because GacoFlex S20 can be applied down to 32°F, Coontz Roofing was able to be very productive on this project during the cool November and December months. Application was coordinated daily with the school maintenance supervisor to lessen any disruption of school activities (including a basketball tournament). The size of the buildings varied greatly and many had height issues to overcome.


Most of the roof areas were sprayed using a Gaco-modified Graco® X-70 airless spray pump with a 300 foot hose to reach across roof expanses. The higher roof areas were completed first and then the lower roofs. The school administration was pleased with how quickly the process was completed; previous roofing projects had taken several months as opposed to the few weeks to install the GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Specification: GacoFlex S20 Silicone
Product Type: Hail-Damaged Mod-Bit Roof Restoration
Contractor: Coontz Roofing, Inc.
Problem Solved: Modified bitumen roof received hail damage.
Customer: Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School