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Spray Foam Insulation – The New Southern Home 2014 (FL)

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Bill Cook Luxury Homes was chosen to build the showcase home for SEBC’s 2014 The New Southern Home™ which focused on energy-efficient and innovative products in the building cycle. The home, dubbed “The Oasis,” was designed by architects Don Evans and Jim LaPiana of The Evans Group where thoughtful energy stewardship is an intrinsic part of the design and documentation process. “We were very pleased to be working with Bill Cook Luxury Homes because they have an equally deep commitment to energy stewardship,” stated Jim LaPiana, Vice President / Director of Design, The Evans Group.


Early in the project, The Evans Group decided to use spray foam insulation throughout the entire 5,100 sq. ft. living space as it has a significant effect on other systems, the work of their engineers and on subcontractors. The home was going to be showcased in the Greater Orlando Parade of Homes and on display for the annual SEBC show so it was imperative all phases of the building cycle be completed flawlessly, including spray foam insulation application. Bill Cook turned to Gaco Western for a recommendation. Gaco’s representatives worked with Cook and The Evans Group to specify GacoFireStop2 and Gaco 052N Open Cell Spray Foam, and recommended Suncoast Insulators & Specialties as the sub-contractor for this high-profile project. Suncoast has served the residential and commercial market in North and Central Florida since 1977, and they have completed numerous projects using Gaco’s products.

Unique Characteristics:

Spray foam was chosen in part due to its role in energy efficiency; it provides both high R-value insulation and seamless air barrier to help reduce energy costs by up to 40% and eliminates drafts for increased comfort. Spray foam is installed at the edge of the building envelope and provides for the efficiency of placing ductwork in a conditioned attic; it also allows for elimination of roof and eave penetrations required for ventilation when other types of insulation are used. This suits hot and humid climates very well. Spray foam reduces noise transmitted from outside to the interior; this was important because the home was on a busy street with constant traffic noise. It was also used for interior walls to absorb sound and reduce noise transfer from room to room.


Gaco 052N was used on all exterior and interior walls and GacoFireStop2, which requires no additional ignition barrier, was applied in all attic areas to achieve the specified R value. By using GacoFireStop2, Suncoast did not need to cover the installed foam with a separate ignition barrier as required by building code for other spray foam products, thereby significantly reducing labor costs. “Today’s luxury home buyer demands the best of the best from floor to ceiling, inside and out and that includes the type and quality of insulation that will ensure the best energy savings,” said Cook. “We anticipate the house will receive federal EPA-approved Energy Star and Indoor AirPlus certifications.”

NOTE: The New Southern Home™ is a registered trademark of the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC).

Location: Olde Winter Park, FL
Specification: GacoFireStop2 & Gaco 052N
Product Type: Spray Foam Insulation
Contractor: Suncoast Insulators & Specialties
Problem Solved: Create an innovative, energy-efficient home and minimize noise transfer.
Customer: Bill Cook Luxury Homes