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Case Studies

Spray Foam Insulation – Kremer Family Home (OH)

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In the small, close-knit community of Coldwater, Ohio people are caring and aware of their neighbors. The Kremer family was experiencing financial difficulties due to medical expenses from eldest daughter Ava’s degenerative, uncurable disease called San Fillipo syndrome, as well as Clint’s two hip replacements and leg vein problems.


The dinner theatre group of St. Anthony’s Church decided to step in and help. As part of an overall plan to help the family financially, the community came together to build them a basic yet energy-efficient house. Members of the community volunteered their labor, and a number of manufacturers such as Gaco Western contributed products. Local Gaco Western representatives had collaborated on projects with Greg Fortkamp of Fortkamp Foam in the past. When Greg and his parents decided that they should contribute insulation to the project, Greg turned to Gaco Western for help. “I knew that this family needed a house with modern insulation to save on utility bills,” said Greg. Gaco Western donated GacoFireStop to insulate the entire house. GacoFireStop is a technically advanced foam that meets all the new code requirements.

Unique Characteristics:

The Kremer’s new house was built entirely from volunteer labor, making it difficult to coordinate schedules among people from different trades. When called upon, Fortkamp Foam immediately sprang into action and sprayed GacoFireStop in the attic and in the wall cavities to provide the comfort, safety and lower expense of an air sealed, energy efficient home. “We knew that every dollar we helped them save on utilities could go toward their big medical bills. We were happy to help out a friend and neighbor,” says Fortkamp.


As a new construction project, in the Kremer house Fortkamp Foam found that all of the areas to be insulated were easily accessible. Once in the house the crew finished their spraying in less than a day. GacoFireStop performed well during spraying, allowing the large crew to move along quickly. “This is one of the most gratifying projects I’ve done in my career,” says Greg Fortkamp. “I only wish we could do the same for so many that are in need.”

Location: Coldwater, OH
Specification: GacoFireStop
Product Type: Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation
Contractor: Fortkamp Foam
Problem Solved: Create an energy-efficient home.
Customer: Clint and Nikki Kremer