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Case Studies

Spray Foam Insulation – Tiferes Bais Yaakov School (NJ)

Case History GacoFireStop Gaco 052N Tiferes Bais Yaakov School NJ Photo1


Tiferes Bais Yaakov, a private, non-profit girls’ elementary school in Lakewood, New Jersey, had outgrown their current location and set out to build a new 75,000 square foot, three-story facility. As a non-profit, managing expenses was a high priority, and utility costs to heat and cool such a large facility were a major concern. Of equal concern was the comfort of the students, teachers and staff, combined with the desire to minimize noise transfer from classroom-to-classroom.


The architect and general contractor understood the customer’s needs and designed the building with a focus on energy efficiency. The latest and the greatest technologies were implemented to help the school manage their monthly expenses. At the forefront of the plans, the architect specified the use of spray foam insulation to ensure an air-tight, leakfree building envelope. By using spray foam, the output from the heating and cooling systems would be maximized and in turn would significantly reduce the overall monthly expenses. In addition, the use of spray foam would effectively reduce noise transfer between classrooms, thus creating a much quieter learning environment.

Unique Characteristics:

Tight construction deadlines were required to ensure the facility would be ready for students in September, and multiple subcontractors were working simultaneously. This meant the Regency Spray Foam crew had to come in at odd hours, work in stages, and at times work on stand-by. The vaulted attics presented another challenge for the crew. The actual installation of the spray foam required a great deal of staging and ingenuity in order to install it in the most safe and efficient manner. The type of spray foam was critical as well.


GacoFireStop Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation was applied at a depth of 8” in all attic areas to achieve the specified R value of thirty. By using GacoFireStop in the attic, the crew avoided having to cover all the installed foam with a separate ignition barrier as required by building code for other spray foam products, thereby significantly reducing labor costs. GacoFireStop does not require an additional ignition barrier because it’s already built into the product.

Gaco 052N Half Pound Open Cell Foam was used on all exterior and interior walls at a depth of 4”. In addition to providing insulation, this solution created a sound barrier between classrooms.

“As a business owner, it’s nice to work with a spray foam manufacturer that offers a safer, easy to apply product like GacoFireStop. Because I know the fire retardant is built right into the formula, I don’t have to worry about adding an ignition barrier coating which can be difficult to install correctly,” said Ben Schechter of Regency Spray Foam. “It’s great to know that I am passing along the safety features of GacoFireStop to the home/building owner.”

Location: Lakewood, NJ
Specification: GacoFireStop & Gaco 052N
Product Type: Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation
Contractor: Regency Spray Foam
Problem Solved: Create an energy-efficient school and minimize noise transfer.
Customer: Tiferes Bais Yaakov (private, non-profit girls’ elementary school)