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Case Studies

GacoRoofFoam & GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over Built-Up Roof Restoration – RKI Commercial-Grade Truck Equipment Manufacturer (TX)

Case History GacoFlex S20 Foam and Silicone Restored RKI TX Photo1


RKI ’s foam and silicone coated roof was showing signs of wear. While the company was pleased with the roofing system that had been installed in the late 1990s, they wanted to find a longer-lasting solution.


Wishing to keep their spray foam roof (no seams, no fasteners going into the building, high R-value, no leaks), RKI worked with Cook Coatings, a Gaco Qualified Applicator, and chose GacoFlex S20. The S20 system worked with their spray foam roof plus offered a one coat option that wouldn’t chalk, meets all code requirements, and most importantly, carries a 20 year warranty for material and labor!

Unique Characteristics:

The RKI spray foam roof has been in place for 15 years with no problems, proving that a foam and silicone coating roof system can be maintained indefinitely. Now with the application of GacoFlex S20, RKI’s initial roof investment will last 35 years without an expensive tear-off.


Along with re-coating the main 177,000 square foot spray foam roof with GacoFlex S20, Cook Coatings also tackled another 25,000 square foot building at RKI that had an old builtup roof with ponding water. Wishing to replicate their good experience of a spray foam and silicone roofing system, Cook Coatings installed spray polyurethane foam and then sealed it with GacoFlex S20. Once again, there are no seams or fasteners and RKI’s ponding water issues were eliminated.

Cook Coatings has used silicone coating for more than 30 years because it’s the most UV-stable product in the roofing industry.

“Gaco Western has developed a silicone that is UV-stable but also has no solvents in the product so we can comply with any code. Also, it’s 95% solids, which means it’s thick enough to be applied in a single coat which allows us to be more competitive in our bids.”

— Cary Cook, President, Cook Coatings

Location: Houston, TX
Specification: GacoFlex S20 Silicone & GacoRoofFoam
Product Type: Combo Spray Foam/Silicone and Built-Up Roof Restoration
Contractor: Cook Coatings
Problem Solved: Existing spray foam roof showing signs of wear; other built-up roof had ponding water problems.
Customer: RKI, Inc.