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Best Practices Sales Training

Virtual Training Event

April 15th, 2022

@ 2:00PM EST

Virtual Event
Virtual / Zoom Event

Organizer: Todd Hoshaw
(765) 577-1666
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Gaco University Best Practices Sales training takes Gaco Contractor Partners through 2 virtual, and 1 live instruction sessions that will develop skills and deliver a sales process that is immediately applicable in the real world. Gaco University Best Practices Sales Training was designed to help our Contractor Partners identify new potential customers, plan their sales calls, discover a customers’ underlying need, create your company value-based solution, successfully negotiate, effectively close the sale, and gain share of wallet with new potential customers by differentiating your company from the competition.

Session 1. Developing Your Network- Finding Prospects

  • This is a 45 minute virtual meeting discussing the need for continued prospecting, and introducing effective tools to find Owner & Property Management prospects to keep your Prospect Pipeline full at all times.


  • The importance of prospecting
  • Segment sources for prospects
  • Prioritizing prospects


Session 2. Developing Your Network- Making First Contact

  • This is a 45 minute virtual meeting discussing discovering decision makers and influencers and their needs, and reviewing planning the sales call


  • Who is the Ultimate Decision Maker?
  • Types of Decision Makers/ Influencers
  • What is important to each Decision Maker/ Influencer
  • First Contact (Phone, email best practices)
  • Setting up a live meeting


Session 3. Best Practices Selling- Discover Needs, Propose Company Value, Secure Partnership

  • This interactive ½ day live session is intended for new and experiences contractor sales teams and estimators that are seeking to enhance their face to face selling skills. This live session takes the attendees through a series of exercises, role plays, and formal presentations to provide a “Real World” selling experience in the classroom.


    • Finding a customer’s underlying need through questioning
    • Avoiding circumstantial questions
    • Discovering “pain points” through questions
    • Intensifying pain through questions
    • Driving need for change through questioning
    • Group Role Play
    • Learn 3 value drivers offered by your company
    • Determining prospects buying criteria/buying motivators
    • Formal Presentations
    • Needs prior to closing
    • Learn the difference between selling and simply bidding work
    • Building blocks of good negotiation
    • Negotiation tactics and defenses against them
    • Negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Learn to overcome objections
    • Best contractor closing techniques
    • Upon completion of Gaco University Sales Training, your company representatives will be able to quickly identify which stage of the sales process each prospect is currently in, and effectively move the process forward. Additionally, this process will decrease the amount of calls needed in the sales funnel to secure a new partnership by going into the call fully armed with information needed to quickly identify a prospects’ needs, propose company value-based solution, negotiate a successful deal, and close the sale.
  • Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a Gaco U Certification of Attendance

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