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Case Studies

GacoFlex S20 Silicone Over EPDM Roof Restoration – Alliance Laundry Systems (WI)

Case History GacoFlex S20 EPDM Restored Alliance Laundry WI Photo1


When Gaco’s Area Manager first met Dwayne Turpin of Alliance Laundry Systems, Dwayne described the facility’s 1,000,000 square feet of roof as 100 different roofs all patched together over time. (A million square feet is nearly 23 acres or 14 city blocks!) There was water pooling in many areas and the roof was leaking. Oshkosh Industrial Roofing was brought in to look at this expansive project and devise a cost-effective plan that would tackle all portions of the roof in the same way. The first section of the roof to be addressed was over a part of the plant where powder coating took place. Speed Queen Washer parts are hung from the ceiling on a track system assembly line that takes the parts through various ovens and dunk tanks. If the company had to tear off and re-roof this area, that part of the facility would need to be shut down, costing Alliance money.


Oshkosh Industrial Roofing recommended the GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System because it would allow them to rejuvenate all their roofs rather than disrupting operations by tearing off and replacing them. GacoFlex S20 endures permanent ponding water and provides a long-lasting watertight system. Another benefit of coating the roof with GacoFlex S20 was that they could coat all the way up to the hot stacks without any concern of failure; this was crucial to maintaining operations.

The greatest benefit was the cost savings — Alliance Laundry Systems was offered a leak-free warranty at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing, making GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System the perfect solution to a very large, problematic roof.

Unique Characteristics:

The mechanically-attached and fullyadhered EPDM roofing membrane had been patched numerous times with various methods, creating what Dwayne Turpin of Alliance referred to as 100 different roofs.


The roof was surveyed by Oshkosh Industrial Roofing and all wet areas were removed and new insulation installed. Then the areas were made watertight with a coat of GacoFlex S2022 Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating; GacoFlex 66S Reinforcing Polyester Mesh was used on seams and uneven areas where a strong, conforming membrane was needed.

The entire roof was then cleaned by pressure washing with GacoWash Concentrated Cleaner. After the surface was allowed to dry GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler was applied and allowed to cure. Seams and fasteners were filled with GacoFlex SF2000 SeamSeal and then one coat of GacoFlex S2022 Gray was applied. In order to ensure there was no overspray, S2022 was applied in a ribbon pattern and then back rolled.

Location: Ripon, WI
Specification: RC-22-GF20 (GacoFlex S20 Silicone)
Product Type: EPDM Roof Restoration
Contractor: Oshkosh Industrial Roofing and Sheet Metal
Problem Solved: EPDM roof had been heavily patched with many different methods.
Customer: Alliance Laundry Systems