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Case Studies

GacoRoof EPDM Roof Restoration – Applicators Sales & Service, Inc. (ME)

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The roof of the Applicators Sales & Service corporate office in Portland, Maine had been leaking for a few years. Being a wholesale building product company, Applicators Sales & Service had many options in close proximity to fix this problem!


Applicators Sales & Service decided to use GacoRoof, a product they are well familiar with, to coat the EPDM portion of their 55,000 square foot combination EPDM and metal roof.

Unique Characteristics:

The combination roof is approximately 60% EPDM and 40% metal, with the EPDM section targeted as the leak problem area.


The flat EPDM section of the roof was power washed with a biodegradable cleaner, primed with GacoFlex E5320, and then two coats of GacoRoof were applied.

The end results were beyond what the customer was expecting. The leaks stopped immediately but another benefit was the ‘tremendous impact on the roof temperature.’ It was oticed throughout the summer months that the building’s HVAC units ran less than they had previously due to the color change of the EPDM part of the roof.

Applicators Sales & Service is a family owned and operated business with five locations in Maine and New Hampshire. They were so pleased with the results of GacoRoof on their corporate office building that they are planning on using the same process on their 37,000 square foot warehouse in northern Maine during 2013.

“The results definitely exceeded our expectation and the cost was considerably less than having the old roofing torn off and replaced. For commercial roofs that are in need of repairs, this product is a home run from both end result and cost effectiveness.”

— David Lord, General Manager, Applicators Sales & Service

Location: Portland, ME
Specification: GacoRoof
Product Type: EPDM Roof Restoration
Problem Solved: Existing roof had considerable leaks.
Customer: Applicators Sales & Service, Inc.