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Case Studies

GacoRoofFoam & GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Replacement – Franciscan Estates Winery (CA)

Case History Foam and Silicone Roof Restoration Franciscan Estates Winery CA Photo 1


The existing foam roofing on Building B at the Franciscan Estates, a well-respected winery in the Napa Valley for more than 40 years, had been repaired many times and needed to be completely replaced. Considering the amount and placement of HVAC equipment on their flat/low-slope 33,160 square foot roof, choosing the correct roofing materials to ensure proper drainage was a critical issue. In addition, the existing foam roof on adjacent Building C needed to be repaired before GacoRoofFoam and GacoFlex S20 Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating could be applied.


Remove existing, poorly performing foam roofing down to the substrate, remove and replace HVAC equipment. Install 3″ of GacoRoofFoam (2.7 lb) then coat with GacoFlex S20 Solvent-Free 100% Silicone Coating. This unique system provides a high R-value and forms a monolithic coating that fully adheres to the substrate to provide a seamless weather-tight seal.


Franciscan Estates prides itself on its attention to details (microclimates, soil changes, separated fermentation, etc.) and wanted to work with companies who are equally concerned with top quality craftsmanship and superior materials. Milroy Construction and Applied Materials and Engineering (AME) provided a detailed plan for materials and application; Phoenix Coatings provided application expertise and Gaco Western provided superior products along with a 20-year warranty.


The professionals at Phoenix Coatings and Milroy Construction worked with AME and with Gaco Western technicians to apply the new roofing system. Once the existing foam roof was removed, GacoFlex A4121 Acrylic Primer and GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler was applied to the appropriate portions of the roof and parapet walls. Three inches of GacoRoofFoam 273 was then applied, followed by GacoFlex S2000. The topmost flat part of the roof then had a maintenance walkway installed using GacoFlex SF2036 WalkPad.

The roofing project was completed meeting Franciscan Estate’s objectives: on budget; without disruption to the winery’s day-to-day business; and peace of mind knowing that their new roof will protect their wine business for years  to come.

Location: St. Helena, CA
Specification: SI-60-S20
Product Type: Remove existing Foam Roof and replace with GacoRoofFoam and S20 System (Bldg B); repair existing Foam Roof (Bldg C).
Contractor: Phoenix Coatings, Madera, CA
Problem Solved: Existing foam roof needed to be completely replaced.
Customer: Franciscan Estates Winery