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Pedestrian Deck Waterproofing – River Gate Tower (FL)

Case History Pedestrian Deck Re Coat Tampa FL Photo

Unique Characteristics:
Rivergate Tower, known as the Sykes building for its primary occupants or the “beer can building” for its cylindrical shape, is the sixth tallest building in Tampa and one of the tallest limestone structures in the world. The building was designed to symbolize a light house and represent optimism, and architect Harry Wolff received the 1993 National Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects.

The mechanical room floor was inspected for its 10-year warranty renewal with Gaco Western, and the walking deck needed to be re-coated per manufacturer recommendations in order to extend the warranty for another decade.

Because the mechanical room had been previously coated with a warrantied GacoFlex polyurethane waterproofing system, Service Works Commercial Roofing Inc. worked closely with their Gaco Western Area Manager to determine that a cosmetic re-coat would be suitable rather than re-installing an entire waterproofing system. GacoFlex U64 Liquid Polyurethane Coating combined with GacoShell Granules would be the perfect solution. GacoFlex U64 is a two-component, fire retardant polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coating. It is for use
on roofs, mechanical room floors and walking and traffic decks where excellent weathering, fire retardance, toughness, fast cure and good solvent resistance are needed. GacoShell Granules are dense, hard walnut shell aggregate that provide a skid resistant texture for pedestrian and auto traffic decks.

Installation Details:
The deck was cleaned with GacoWash Concentrated Cleaner and allowed to dry for 24 hours. Areas of heavy wear were primed with GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer and allowed to fully cure. GacoFlex U64 Liquid Polyurethane Coating was thinned with GacoFlex T5116 Thinner and fully mixed, and then GacoShell Granules were added to the mixture. The dry surface was rolled with the mixture of GacoFlex U64 and GacoShell at a rate of one gallon per 100 square feet and then 48 hours were allowed for the coating to cure before foot traffic was allowed.

The project was inspected by a Gaco Western representative and awarded a 10-year labor and material warranty. The pedestrian deck will be routinely inspected during that period per manufacturer recommendations.

Service Works Commercial Roofing, Inc. is a Gaco Western Qualified Applicator with offices in Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Orlando, Florida.

Location: Tampa, FL
Specification: RC-U (GacoFlex U64)
Product Type: Pedestrian Deck Re-Coat
Contractor: Service Works Commercial Roofing Inc.
Problem Solved: Pedestrian deck in a mechanical room needed a 10-year re-coat over existing GacoFlex polyurethane coating system.
Customer: Banyan Street Capital