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Sacramento Parking Structure Gets Gaco Vehicular Deck System Protection (CA)

Location: Sacramento, CA
Specification: Master Spec - 07 18 16 / GW-15-UBU-HD / GacoFlex Vehicular Traffic Deck Polyurethane - Heavy Duty
Contractor: Wine Country Shotblasting & Coating
Customer: Sacramento Parking Structure

How can Gaco AutoDeck protect structures exposed to high traffic levels? Read on to learn more about how a Gaco Licensed Applicator renewed a Sacramento County parking garage with one of our deck coating systems


What vehicle deck solution was used for this Sacramento County parking structure?

This project involved the removal of the existing coating and residue and profiling the concrete surface to a CSP of 3-4. This was accomplished with the use of planetary grinders, shot blasting, and hand grinding. Once the existing surface was prepared, the complete GW-15UBU(hd) system was installed.


What made Gaco AutoDeck especially suitable for the Sacramento area? 

The GW-15UBU(hd) system incorporates two component catalyzed urethane elastomers and our walnut shell aggregate, GacoShell, for maximum durability, skid resistance, and increased protection against harsh weather and heavy traffic. The use of catalyzed urethanes allows the traffic coatings to be applied at any hour of the day or night (a lot of this coating work was done at night) without the contractor being concerned about air temperature, or relative humidity affecting the cure of the coating. 


What made the Gaco vehicle deck coating system especially suitable for this parking structure? 

This parking garage is located near courthouses, detention centers, and law enforcement substations. Because it serves as parking for several agencies, it required long-term durability with as short of an installation window as possible. Gaco AutoDeck was able to check both the boxes. 


How did Gaco help the parking structure owner drive down costs and reduce risk? 

By installing a proven, vertically integrated urethane traffic coating system, the owner reduced or eliminated costs associated with reinforcing steel deterioration and related concrete spalling. With the new traffic coating system, the vehicles inside the parking structure are better protected from the risk of contamination from leaks into the garage from above.


What is interesting or unique about this parking deck coating project?

This is the second garage facility Gaco and our GLA (Gaco Licensed Applicator) have installed for this owner. The other garage facility is less than a block away. Additionally, we have several excellent references of vehicular traffic topping in the surrounding neighborhood.


What are the key points about this project that will help Gaco and our customers win more business?

With this project, we promoted a continued productive relationship with the owners by instilling faith, trust and reliability for a given system. Throughout the process, the Area Manager stayed involved by attending many meetings, site visits, inspections, and project reviews with the owners representatives, General Contractor, and customer, Wine Country Shotblasting & Coating.


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How can Gaco help your business?

Looking to add a coating system to your deck? Gaco offers full system solutions for a variety of vehicular and pedestrian decking applications. To learn more about our products and find the right solution for your business, please reach out to your local Area Manager.