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Case Studies

Zumbro Lutheran Church Silicone Roofing Solution (MN)

Location: Rochester, MN
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / SP-S42-34-20 / GacoFlex S42 for Single-Ply
Contractor: Merit Contracting Inc.

Zumbro Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN, was looking for a way to fix their aging roof system. However, the roof came with a unique problem: the steep angles made parts of it visible from the ground and difficult for roofers to reach. Read on to learn how Gaco helped this Minnesotan church repair their roof with a convenient, cost-effective silicone roofing solution


What Were Some of the Challenges Faced During This Project?

Roof access, maintenance, and visibility were some of the major challenges of this project. The church’s roof is visible from the ground, so the finished product needed to fix age and algae growth issues and look aesthetically appealing. Due to the roof’s angles, access for water and constant maintenance were difficult at best, and the church wanted a long-lasting roof solution that they could easily maintain. 


Which Gaco Products Were Used for This Project? 

The Gaco Area Manager and contractor decided GacoFlex S4200 Silicone Coating System was best for this project. The roof was prepared with the pressure washer and GacoWash. The GacoFlex silicone coating was then applied directly to the membrane without needing a primer*, thanks to the coating’s high adhesion. 


What Makes GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Especially Suitable for Minnesota? 

Minnesota experiences harsh winters with a lot of snowfall and hot summers. The GacoFlex system easily accommodates those extreme weather conditions. 


What Makes GacoFlex Especially Suitable for Zumbro Lutheran Church?

Zumbro Lutheran Church is a highly visible building and a well-known place of worship close to downtown Rochester, MN. The slope and need to access taller roof angles presented a challenge. GacoFlex is easy to install, which allowed the contractor to reduce the number of installation steps required, saving time and money. 

Additionally, the silicone roof coating was applied according to the 20-year warranty specifications with just one pass. This was a key factor due to the access challenges of the multi-angled, steep-sloped roof substrate.


How Did Gaco Help the Building Owner Drive Out Costs and Reduce Risks?

The building owner was looking for a solution to an aging roof system. The GacoFlex silicone roof system allowed the existing roof to remain in place, reducing the risk of debris flying off as it would during the removal and installation of a new single-ply roof system. The existing membrane and insulation did not need to be removed and sent to a landfill, and the project came at a substantial cost reduction compared to installing a new single-ply membrane.


What Was Unique About the Zumbro Lutheran Church Project?

The roof angle made this a unique project. The steepness made the roof difficult to access, and the visibility meant extra care had to be taken to ensure the roof’s appearance wasn’t compromised. 


What About This Project Will Help Gaco and Our Contractors Earn More Business?

With this project, Gaco and the contractor demonstrated the value and convenience of our silicone roof coatings. We saved the building owner time, money, and resources by re-covering the roof instead of going the single-ply replacement route. The result was a superior finished product with less maintenance than a single-ply roof. 


How Does This Roofing Project Showcase the Hands-On Approach of Gaco’s Team of Experts?

The Area Manager was happy to work with Merit Contracting (the local Gaco Licensed Applicator and also Firestone Master Contractor) to come up with the best solution for the building. That solution also happened to be the most cost effective.


*S42 eliminates the need for primer on most substrates. Always perform an adhesion test to ensure compatibility.

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Can Gaco Help Your Business?

Whether you’re a building owner hoping to find the most convenient and cost-effective solution to your aging roof or a contractor looking to land more leads, Gaco is here to help. Get in touch with your local Gaco Area Manager to learn more about our coating systems and find the right solution for your business.