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Case Studies

First F2780 GacoRoofFoam Project in California

Location: Rancho Cordova, CA
Specification: Master Spec - 07 57 00 / SI-38-GF20 / GacoFlex S20 Over Polyurethane Foam 38 Mil
Contractor: HB Urethane

Is there a way to avoid a traditional full tear-off/re-roof when dealing with a metal roof in disrepair? Learn how a Northern California building owner saved big on costs and time by re-covering their roof with our new Low GWP version of GacoRoofFoam (F2780) and a GacoFlex silicone coating. 


What Problem Did Gaco Help the Building Owner and Contractor Solve?

The existing metal roof on the building was in dire need of repair and had multiple issues that needed to be addressed. Missing fasteners resulted in leaks and panels not overlapping correctly. Skylights had faded, so natural lighting in the building was very dim. Parts of the gutters were clogged and damaged with no proper slope for water to drain, and some gutters were even rusted through. Lastly, existing paint on the metal was faded and coming off, leading to minimal reflectivity.


Which Gaco Roofing Solution Was Used?

One of Gaco’s licensed applicators, HB Urethane, addressed all of the above issues by installing a system using roof spray foam with silicone coating over the top. Each flute of the metal roof was first filled with sheets of ISO (polyisocyanurate thermal insulation). Next, the skylights were removed and reframed so new skylights could be installed. GacoRoofFoam Low GWP (F2780) was then applied over the entirety of the roof at approximately 1-inch thick. 

The project was completed in August during the peak of summer, so HB Utherane installed GacoFlex A4121™ black primer over the F2780 to help preserve the foam from harmful UV rays. GacoFlex S2000 silicone coating was then sprayed over the primer and back rolled. To finish, HB Urethane replaced and repaired parts of the gutters where needed, used GacoFlex SeamSeal at all seams, and applied GacoFlex S2000 inside the gutters.


What Makes GacoRoofFoam and GacoFlex Especially Suitable for Northern California?

Northern California summers can get extremely hot during the day and then cool off 20–25 degrees at night. Using the S2000 system over the roof foam helps with reflectivity during the day to keep the building cooler, and the roof foam acts as an insulator when it cools down at night.

California is also one of the most sustainable states, which made it critical to have an eco-friendly roofing system. GacoRoofFoam F2780 is a sustainable, energy-efficient option with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential). GWP is an estimate of how much a product will contribute to global warming. Low GWP GacoRoofFoam is made with an HFO blowing agent that reduces the GWP (Global Warming Potential) by more than 99%, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious building owners. 


What Made Spray Foam and Silicone Roof Coating Especially Suitable for This Building?

The existing roof didn’t have to be torn off, so there were no workday interruptions. There was also the added bonus of the roof foam, primer, and silicone coating not having strong odors. Since the roof had air intakes, using low-odor products means the employees could continue with their regular work.


How Did Gaco Help the Building Owner Reduce Costs and Risks? 

By repairing the roof with foam and silicone, the building owner saved on the cost and labor involved in tearing off an existing roof. Plus, materials were readily available to meet the schedules of the building owner and the contractor.


What Made This Roofing Project Unique?

This was the first building where Gaco’s new F2780 roof foam was used in the entire state of California. The building is located on a bustling road in the Sacramento, CA, area and is highly visible, making it even more critical to have  a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing installation.


What About This Project Will Help Gaco and Our Partners Earn More Business?

This project highlights the speed and savings of the Gaco foam and silicone system. Compared to the estimate for tearing off the roof, the project took approximately a quarter of the time,  minimized the materials needed for completion, and reduced landfill waste (creating subsequent landfill cost savings). GacoRoofFoam Low GWP also offers customers a more sustainable roofing solution. HB Urethane used their knowledge and skills to properly install this Gaco roof system in a highly visible area, and they already earned a referral from the building owner.

Learn How Gaco Can Help Your Business

From spray foam on metal roofs to silicone on existing single-ply systems, Gaco has systems for substrates and issues of all kinds. Don’t waste time, labor, and energy on a traditional roof replacement. Instead, repair your roof with a Gaco roofing solution. Contact your local Area Manager to learn more about our range of products and find the right fit for your building.

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