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Case Studies

Building Gains R-Value With Roof Foam and Silicone Coating (FL)

Location: Orlando, FL
Specification: Master Spec - 07 57 00 / SI-22-GF20 / GacoFlex S20 Over Polyurethane Foam 22 Mil
Contractor: EGuard Roof and Safety Systems

Re-covering a roof can do far more than stop leaks. Learn how Gaco roof coating solutions helped a Central Florida manufacturing facility repair its leaky roof while increasing the roof’s R-Value — all without disrupting business operations. 


What Problem Did Gaco and the Contractor Help Solve, and What Was the Solution?

This manufacturing building in Orlando, FL, was experiencing roof leaks after A/C equipment had been repaired and removed. The local Gaco Licensed Applicator, Eguard, used GacoRoofFoam and a GacoFlex silicone roof coating  to seal the roof and all penetrations to prevent future leaking. The contractor removed the rock from an existing Built Up roof system and prepared the surface for the application of GacoRoofFoam F2733 at a thickness of 4.5″ over the offices, and 1.5″ over the warehouse space. This added an R-value* of  R-29.25  to the offices and R-9.75  to the warehouse area without disturbing any of the interior workings of the building. With the use of GacoFlex S2000 as the waterproofing top coat, the system provided two monolithic membranes to help protect the owners’ assets.


What Makes This Solution Especially Suitable for This Area/Building?

Central Florida is well known for heat and humidity. GacoRoofFoam and the GacoFlex S2000 top coat provided the perfect solution by adding R-Value and water tightness to the roof surface. S2000 also has a wide range of its own benefits suitable for this environment, including:

  • Solvent-Free: S20 was the industry’s first solvent-free silicone coating. Solvent-free means more environmentally-friendly, lower VOCs, and greater solids content (less labor and product needed to reach a higher film build).
  • Durability: Unwavering performance is a key advantage of using silicone. Silicone doesn’t degrade, chalk, or crack under brutal ultraviolet rays. 
  • Moisture Resistance: Gaco Silicone forms a smooth, seamless membrane that can withstand permanent ponding water without softening. As a material, it resists mold, mildew, and staining. GacoFlex S20 Series roof coating can be rained on within 2 hours of installation! 
  • UL and FM approved

The manufacturing plant could not shut down operations for installation. Gaco and EGuard provided a solution that met the owner’s needs without disrupting production.


What About This Project Can Help Gaco and Our Customers Win More Business?

This project highlights the many benefits of spray foam. For starters, Gaco and the contractor were able to handle a more unique situation that required correcting issues on both office and warehouse spaces. By using the spray foam and silicone coating solution, we created another monolithic layer in the system without disrupting the interior of the building, so the owner was able to maintain a consistent production level on both sides of their facility. They didn’t have to worry about the cost of completely re-roofing the building, and they didn’t experience a loss of profit caused by business downtime. 

Not only did we help the building owner save on the roofing project itself, but the GacoRoofFoam solution will also help the owner continue to save money down the road. With the addition of the 2733 spray foam, we provided extra R-Value. This additional R-Value helps with the building’s thermal footprint and reduces the stress on A/C units during the hot summer, so less energy is required to keep the building cool in the Florida heat.


How Does This Project Illustrate the True Hands-On Approach of  Gaco’s Team of Experts?

The contractor brought Gaco to the table to help with the specification process. Gaco and the contractor presented the solution to the building owner as a team and trusted partners. The more we can have this level of confidence from our applicators, the stronger the bond is in the field.


*R-value has been validated at 1” thickness to provide R-6.5, and validated at 3.5” thickness to provide R-25. Please reference the Product Data Sheet for full details.

Can Gaco Roofing Solutions Help Your Business?

Whether you’re hoping to repair a leaky roof or want to make your building more energy efficient by increasing its R-Value, Gaco is here to help. Get in touch with your local Gaco Area Manager to learn about our roofing solutions and find the right fit for your business’s needs.

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