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Case Studies

Community United Methodist Church Adds Life to Roof Using Silicone Coating (FL)

Location: Fruitland Park, FL
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / ASP-S4200-18-10 / GacoFlex S4200 over Asphalt
Contractor: McHale Roofing

Not every roofing project involves leaks or an aging roof. Sometimes, the building owner is proactively looking for ways to extend the life of their roof. Learn how a church in Florida was able to give their roof more life with a silicone roofing solution from Gaco


What Problem Did Gaco Help Solve?

The church’s modified roof was approximately twelve years old. It had a 1/12 pitch with positive drainage and no ponding areas. The church properly maintained the roof and wanted to add life with a liquid-applied membrane.


What Challenges Were Faced During This Silicone Roofing Project? 

The weather in Florida is always challenging during the summer and early fall due to heavy rain. On top of this, the contractor’s primary supply partner, Sunniland, only had a few components left in stock because of material shortages. 

Thankfully, McHale Roofing planned well and was able to apply the coating system during a few dry days in the weather forecast. As for the materials shortage, we worked with other Sunniland branches to transfer products and complete the project. 


Which Gaco Silicone Roofing Solution was Used?

McHale Roofing proposed the GacoFlex S4200 system with a 10-year labor and material warranty. McHale began by cleaning the roof and removing dirt and debris. Luckily, due to proper upkeep and maintenance, no repairs needed to be made before installing the fluid-applied membrane.

After cleaning and allowing the roof a few days to dry, the contractor applied GacoFlex A4271 BleedTrap to prevent asphalt bleed-through and maintain reflectivity throughout the life of the coating. SF4200 Seam Seal was used for the coping, flashings, and curbs. All field seams were reinforced using GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating before applying a topcoat.


What Makes GacoFlex Especially Suitable for the Florida Climate?

Due to the amount of rain Florida receives annually, building owners must be proactive with their roofs. If they apply a silicone roof coating before problems become prevalent, they can save themselves time and money. This project demonstrates how a building owner should properly restore their roof.


What Makes GacoFlex Especially Suitable for the United Community Methodist Church?

Over time, the church will be able to save money thanks to being proactive with roof maintenance. A reflective coating will also save them on their energy costs. Those savings can then go towards other church programs and projects.


How Did GacoFlex Help the Building Owner Drive Out Costs and Reduce Risk?

The church asked for a 20-year warranty at first. Due to budget constraints, the contractor and Area Manager proposed a 10-year system with a renewable warranty option. If they maintain their roof well, they’ll be eligible to recoat at a fraction of the original cost and receive another 10-year system in 2031.


What Is Interesting or Unique About the Community United Methodist Church Project?

Churches can have tight budgets for major restoration projects, and those budgets are usually funds raised by their congregation. The church board did everything right during the lifespan of this roof and made sure they properly utilized their funding.


What Are the Key Points About THIS Project That Will Help Gaco and Our Contractors Win More Business? 

This project highlights how proper maintenance is key for extending the life of a commercial roof. A roof restoration is monetarily beneficial when done as a proactive approach instead of a necessity. Coating before problems arise is much better than waiting until major repairs have to be made to apply a fluid-applied membrane.


How Does This Project Illustrate the True Hands-On Approach of Gaco’s Team of Experts?

Providing cost-friendly, long-term solutions for building owners on a tight budget makes the Gaco team proud. Everyone involved ran into obstacles, but everybody worked together to complete the project in a timely manner.

The Area Manager was thrilled to see the Sunniland branches work together and get McHale Roofing the product they needed to complete the project. With today’s material shortages, everyone worked together to ensure the contractor had what they needed.

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Can Your Building Benefit From a Gaco Silicone Roofing System?

The Community United Methodist Church project illustrates how important being proactive about your commercial roof is. By staying on top of maintenance and applying a quality silicone roof coating, you can add years to the life of your roof. Whether you own a church, warehouse, business park, or other commercial building, reach out to your local Gaco Area Manager to learn more about our products and find the right solution for your needs and budget.