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Spray Foam Insulation – Sub-Grade Exterior of Chicken Barn (PA)

Case History GacoOnePass Chicken Barn Lebanon PA Photo

In the winter, when the heat from the chickens inside the laying barn met the cold temperatures outside, it caused significant condensation on the inside of the building. This moisture would run down the interior walls and make mud of the chicken litter on the floor. A wet environment is dangerous to air quality and the health of the chickens, and can weaken the structure of the building over time.

Unique Characteristics:
The chicken laying operation needed to remain in full force while the problem was being addressed.

GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam was the ideal solution for this project. Since it could be applied to the sub-grade exterior of the building, it would not disrupt the egg-producing chickens inside. The foam has excellent expansion and adhesion properties which help it to fill irregularly shaped and hard-to-reach areas, along with high R-values to create seamless insulation from heat and cold to help keep moisture and mold at bay.

GacoOnePass adheres well to enhance structural strength, and being a Class 2 Vapor Retarder increases resistance to water. It is ABAA evaluated and can contribute to the reduction of moisture, and improve indoor air quality and acoustical isolation. GREENGUARD Gold certification signifies that GacoOnePass has been tested and certified to be compliant with stringent chemical emissions guidelines set by UL Environment, and that it meets some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards. GacoOnePass is also US Coast Guard Approved and FEMA Class 5 Flood Resistant Material.

Installation Details:
The farmer dug to the bottom of the concrete footer of this 330-foot long masonry block exterior wall. Spray Foam Insulation Services, Inc. sprayed GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam 1” to 1.5” thick. The wood above the spray foam was covered with metal and then coated with an elastomeric roof coating for added protection. Fans were shut off when work was being performed near them or near air intakes. Finally, the area was back-filled with dirt.

Spray Foam Insulation Services, based out of Fleetwood, PA is family owned and operated.

Location: Lebanon, PA
Specification: GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam
Product Type: Exterior Sub-Grade Closed Cell Insulation for Chicken Barn
Contractor: Spray Foam Insulation Services Inc. | Elmer Swarey, Owner
Problem Solved: Chicken laying barn needed insulation to reduce moisture during the colder months.