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Case Studies

Silicone System on Ballasted EPDM Gives Building Owner a Cost-Effective Solution (CO)

Location: Englewood, CO
Specification: Master Spec - 07 01 50.61 / EPDM-BAL-S42-34-20 / GacoFlex S42 over Ballasted EPDM
Product Type: Silicone System on Ballasted EPDM
Contractor: Valor Roof and Solar

You can’t ignore a leaking, aging roof, but the high price tag that comes with installing a whole new roof can be daunting. A commercial building owner in Colorado faced this very dilemma when his aging ballasted EPDM roof started to leak. Learn how a Gaco contractor was able to help him renew his roof in a cost-effective manner with our silicone roofing solutions


What Problem Did Gaco Silicone Coating Help Solve?

The commercial building in Colorado has several tenants. The EPDM membrane was starting to show signs of age, such as shrinking, causing it to stretch and pull away from walls and flashing. The roof also no longer had an active warranty, and tenants were reporting leaks. The owner was faced with a decision because a new roof meant added insulation and other high-cost factors. However, he also knew it was time to invest in the roof.


How Did Gaco Help Solve the Problem with Our Silicone Roofing Solutions?

The contractor was able to give the building owner options by offering a re-roof — or a restorative — Gaco Silicone Roof Coating application. The Gaco Silicone Roof Coating application was selected for this project because the owner trusted the contractor and the cost savings of choosing a coating over a roof replacement was very beneficial.

This project involved moving rock ballast into rows to prevent wind uplift and brushing, sweeping, and blowing excess dirt off the roof. The roof was inspected for tears, rips, and open seams, which were repaired. Then, the existing EPDM membrane was power washed twice with GacoWash cleaner. All seams and penetrations were sealed with GacoFlex SeamSeal, and the surface was primed with GacoFlex E5320 (an epoxy primer). The contractor then installed Gaco S2000 silicone coating (project occurred prior to Gaco S42 hitting the market in Colorado) on the roof surface to comply with the 15-year warranty specifications. 

To finish, an approved protective leak barrier was installed over the silicone roof coating and the windrows were moved back on top of the completed areas. The entire process was repeated on the exposed EPDM.


What Made Gaco Silicone Coating Especially Suitable for the Colorado Area?

This specification is being utilized more and more in Colorado because there are a lot of EPDM ballasted roofs that are in the range of 10 to 30 years old. Due to hail common in the area, this substrate type is more frequent in the region and thus well suited.


What Made Gaco Silicone Roofing Especially Suitable for the Building Owner?

Replacing this roof would’ve come with a large price tag, due to a variety of additional needs that a restorative coating did not require. If they were to replace the roof, they would most likely have to raise curb heights, AC units, vents, etc. The Gaco Silicone Roof Coating application also allowed the contractor to give a cost-effective, long-term warranty.  As a result, this maintenance specification provided the building owner with protection and peace of mind, at a fraction of the cost of a re-roof, 


What Was Interesting or Unique About this Silicone Roofing Project?

This was one of the first existing ballasted roofs to receive a Gaco Silicone Roof Coating application in Colorado. Now, Gaco Silicone Roof Coating is a common roofing system being installed in the territory. 


What Are the Key Points About THIS project that Will Help Gaco and our Customers Win More Business?

Many contractors do not have multiple options for ballasted roofs. This ballasted specification allows for contractors to give building owners a broader portfolio of Gaco Roof Coating applications to select from. Typically building owners like to see all of their options and different price points.


How Does This Project Illustrate the True Hands-On Approach of Gaco’s Awesome Sales Team?

The owner of this building knew this was a big decision and was very involved in the decision-making process. The owner of Valor Roof and Solar and their Gaco Area Manager met with the building owner to discuss Gaco Roof Coating applications prior to the contract being signed. Gaco provided him with several references of other buildings that had active Gaco warranties. Since that meeting, Gaco and Valor Roof and Solar have provided detailed inspection reports and delivered warranties in a timely manner. This building owner has now coated several other properties with Gaco silicone over the last few years. 

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Can Gaco Help Your Business?

From ballasted EPDM to metal paneling, Gaco silicone coating has been used to save a broad range of roof types across the country. To learn more about our products and find the right solution for your business, please contact your local Gaco Area Manager.